Tips for Student Travel in England

England has always been attracting young students and restless travelers. It has so much to offer. No wonder London and the nearby cities are always on the top-visited places lists. In fact, any unprepared traveler will have a very hard time in England without a plan or itinerary. That’s why students should learn these tips for traveling in England. A simple strategy and a few weeks of research and preparations will lead to the best holidays in England you could ever hope for. Let’s see what we’ve got!

Start locally 

If you’re new to traveling or have limited time or resources, start with short trips. Explore your local area, go on day trips, or take a weekend getaway. It will allow you to practice your travel skills, such as packing efficiently, navigating unfamiliar places, and budgeting. It will also help you build up your confidence and experience, so you’ll be better prepared for longer trips in the future.

Prepare your itinerary

Many young travelers make the same old mistake again and again. They come to England, fly to London, and stay there the entire time. Of course, London is a big, impressive city. Sure, you can keep yourself very being if you come for a week or so. Yet, there is so much more to see than just the capital. Research your options! Just think of all the castles you can see only nearby London. Think of Stonehenge! It’s also near London.

Though, you better also go to Bath, Liverpool, Oxford, and Manchester, among many others. Overall, think of your travel priorities. What are the things you are excited to see the most? Is it the cultural scene? The wild nature? Hiking? Museums? The architecture of certain historical periods? Set your prior goals and start from there.

Expect all kinds of weather 

England is well-known for its rapid weather changes. People here don’t get too much sunlight during the year but are accustomed to rain and fog. So, it can be rather chilly even in warm seasons. Also, you can go from sunny to rainy and cold winds in less than an hour. So, be ready to have extra clothes just in case. You better pack lightly but keep a piece of clothes for any weather occasion. Also, have a pair of comfortable, better waterproof shoes with you. Your journey will inevitably lead to a lot of walking. 

On a side note, be ready to have a lot of conversations about the weather. Yes, it is quite a stereotype of the British. Yes, it is absolutely true. As we said, the weather in England changes rapidly and often, leaving them little sun or good weather days. Maybe that’s why they are obsessed with talking about it.

Respect local customs

Brits have a centuries-old established culture with its own traditions and customs. Some of them are well-known, like the love for tea breaks. Other customs are less-known and are easy to miss, like the British high respect for queuing and the necessity of personal space. For instance, you will be the most despised person if you accidentally miss the queue and go outside of it. So, you better learn the little perks and significant customs ahead of your travels to avoid embarrassment. You can also book a research paper at to learn more about the local ways. 

By the way, you should also be ready for a British dark and dry sense of humor. It is not something every person can handle, though. Still, you get used to it after a while. 

Visit the pubs

You have to pay tribute to the local pubs. It doesn’t even matter if you drink or not. It is not about the alcohol or beer (though don’t say that out loud in pubs). It is about the overall experience. You can find centuries-old pubs in England! They have been pubs through all those eras and different monarchs. And they still serve beer and fish and chips. You can’t find many such establishments anywhere else in the world.

Seek free attraction and purchase the London Pass

England can get quite pricey for many students. Moreover, London is high on the list of the most expensive cities. So, young people should manage their budget wisely. First of all, any traveler can visit plenty of attractions for free. Some don’t charge at all, some are open sights free for the public, and the rest may have free visitation days. Research those options and make a list of them. Also, see if they need any advance booking or registrations. 

In addition, getting the London Pass is essential if you are determined to make the best out of your London stay. The pass will cut the costs in half for all the most popular attractions, from Windsor Castle to London Zoo. Plus, such a pass will even work for the Warner Bros. Harry Potter tour! Hence, you save a lot of money and time by booking in advance, getting a pass, and making a list of free entertainment fulfill their dreams of exploring the world and gaining valuable life skills with these practical tips.

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