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The History of Necarne Castle

LocationIrvinestown, Country Fermanagh, Northern Ireland (Google Map)
Open for VisitorsYes (The exterior of the castle, including park)
Owned byFermanagh District Council
Official WebsiteCastle Irvine Estate
Rooms AvailableNo

Necarne Castle, famously known as Castle Irvine, is 6,187 acres of land that falls on the southern part of the Irvinestown town, Fermanagh. The core of this one of the biggest castles in Northern Ireland was built in the 17th century by Gerard Lowther for the plantation of Ulster, and it is currently empty and available for sale or lease. The sightseers can freely visit the park outside during the daytime.

History of Necarne Castle

Necarne Castle plays a significant role in Irvinestown’s history. In 1629, the castle land was leased by Christopher Irvine, and the family stayed there till 1922. Meanwhile, in the 1830s, the castle and the park surrounding it were rebuilt to make it more livable.

The Irvine family rebuilt the castle and park, where they decided to have the wing near the southwest façade with Victorian style. Later for three years, the castle remained vacant, and in 1925, it was bought by Captain Richard Outram Hermon from Sussex.

In 1927, Captain Hermon did a lot of renovation in the castle and gardens to let the flowers bloom again and get them back into the best position to live. Here, he transformed the Necrane castle into a beautiful place to enjoy and party. Many shooting parties were organised at Necarne Castle, and once Lord Mountbatten and Prince Bernhard of Netherlands were also on the guest list.

In 1941, the castle was applied for United States Navy use. There were 200 beds in the castle, which was enlarged to 500 beds to fulfil the American Army’s requirements. During this time, Necarne Castle was used as the 28th station hospital where American Soldiers and RAF personnel were cared for. However, the castle became a part of big destruction after the war and got ruined.

Finally, in 1981, the Necarne castle estate was bought by Fermanagh District Council, and then seven years later, the NI Department of Agriculture leased the estate for 25 years. The outbuilding of the castle has been used by the student facility of Enniskillen Agricultural College for the last two decades, which is also known as Necarne Castle Equine College. However, the college has moved out because the lease ended, and the property is standing empty and available for sale.


Necarne Castle, Irvinestown
Necarne Castle, Irvinestown”, by Kenneth Allen, is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

When you visit Necarne Castle, you will get a chance to explore the park around it. It is very beautiful, peaceful, and big. Many events are organised in the park, and you can be a part of them. Unfortunately, the castle can’t be explored from inside because it requires construction work, and no one can risk getting the castle ruined even more. However, it still has a perfect essence of Victorian style mixed with modernity from inside.

Recently, a beautiful old entrance has been rediscovered during the maintenance work, which was hidden under bushes and plant trails. The Greenery around Necarne castle is amazing. If you are looking for a peaceful spot for a picnic, you must explore this castle. Additionally, the amazing courtyard is also the centre of attraction of the castle. It has a modern equestrian facility with an authentic touch.

The property includes a classical bridge, a walled garden, a garden house, north and south courtyards, and courtyard stables for horses. The lower ground of the yard is used for the rearing houses, and the east side includes a walled garden. The south front gives a stunning view of magnificent sweeping parkland with shelterbelts in the far distance. So, if you are visiting Irvinestown, don’t forget to visit Necarne Castle.

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