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Drummond Castle, Source: Wikimedia Commons

Scottish Castles

There are more than 3000 castles in Scotland and are a combination of fortifications and residences. These castles came into existence in the twelfth century with the introduction of feudalism in Scotland. In 1842, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert also fell in love with the Highlands when they visited here. They also remodified Balmoral Castle in Victoria style and adopted it.

English Castles

English Castles were a special kind of manor holdings and could only be built by the king’s approval. It was to ensure that any well-fortified castle was in the hands of someone he could trust. Among English Castles, Warwick Castle is the only castle that possesses weapons dating back to the 1st century and is considered as one of the largest armories besides the Tower of London.

Warwick Castle, Source: Wikimedia Commons
Heidelberg Castle, Source: Wikimedia Commons

German Castles

There are more than 25,000 palaces and castles in Germany. Burg and Schloss are the two words that are being used for castles in German. A Burg is translated as a fortress, which is mainly built for defense and battle purposes ( a.k.a. eine Festung), and a Schloss is translated as a palace built for residence. The castle ruins which are probably the most famous castle ruins in the world are the Landmarks of Heidelberg.

French Château’s

French châteaux boast enviable locations along with the best architectural styles, often on the banks of the country’s many waterways or perched on lofty heights in the mountains. The most famous one is Château de Chambord. It was designed by an Italian Architect known as Domenico da Cortona; it is believed that he worked closely with Leonardo da Vinci. The double helix staircase in this château is made up of 274 steps. They both ascend to the third floor and do not connect, it was designed by Leonardo da Vinci. It made sure that the king never met with the servants on the stairs.

Château de Chambord, Source: Wikimedia Commons

Beautiful Castles

These beautiful castles are perfect wedding/honeymoon/travel destinations and can also serve as a great subject for photography buffs. Picturesque as well as of great historical importance, come and explore with us!

Craigievar, stunning muted pink fortified castle tower house that is said to have been Cinderella as well as the official Disney Castle.

Huntington Castle is one of the most beloved treasures in Ireland. In fact, it was voted one of Ireland’s top 20 Hidden Gems by The Guardian.

Bodelwyddan Castle is as beautiful as can be, is now said to be one of the most haunted buildings in Wales. It is a country house and an exquisite art gallery.

Knockdrin Castle is a delightful, picturesque castle also being named as one of the finest castellated country houses built in Ireland.

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