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The History of Dublin Castle

LocationDame Street, County Dublin, Ireland (Google Map)
Open for VisitorsYes
Owned byNew Irish government
Official WebsiteDublin Castle
Rooms AvailableYes (Conferencing, Dinners and Receptions, and Outdoor Events)

Dublin Castle is one of the most important buildings in Irish history, located on Dame Street in central Dublin. From 1204 to 1922, it was the seat of the British Government’s Administration in Ireland, and later it was handed to the government of the newly independent Irish State.

Dublin Castle History

Dublin Castle was founded in 1204 by Meiler Fitzhenry as a medieval fortress under the order of King John of England. Before becoming a famous castle and historical place to visit, it was a site of the 930s Danish Viking Fortress and then the 12th century Norman Fort. And later, the Doblin Castle, a stronger and newer architect, was created by King John and was completed in 1230 under the city of defence. Since 1922, handed over to Irish Government after independence, it has become a famous government complex and a tourist attraction.

Dublin Castle
Dublin Castle”, by Yortw, is licensed under CC BY 2.0


The castle is wrapped in medieval stone fortification and has a beautiful courtyard with defensive walls and four round towers. These walls and towers have helped it maintain its beauty and stand straight to the date. When you step inside this historical building, you will find a stylishly landscaped garden, Saint Patrick’s Hall, elegant courtyard exteriors, and magnificent rooms. John Cornforth described the architect of this castle as “a piece of English make-do and mend”. It is worth exploring this heart of historic Dublin.

A visit to Dublin Castle
A VISIT TO DUBLIN CASTLE [THE GROUNDS AND GARDENS]-147366”, by William Murphy, is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0


Dublin Castle Complex is open for the public, except for any state function, to visit and explore the history and beauty. It is used as an art centre, and occasional concerts are held on the castle grounds. Additionally, you can explore the castle through a guided tour or self-guided. The brochures are available in 17 different languages, making understanding the castle’s history easier.

However, the tower of Dublin Castle currently can’t be explored by the visitors, but they get the excess to great photo opportunities and adjoin the Chapel Royal. From Monday to Sunday, you can even visit the Terrace Café and Gift Shop, situated in State Apartments, ground floor, and make your tour more memorable.

Movie Features

  • Barry Lyndon (1975): Dublin Castle featured in the movie as Chevalier’s home in a 1975 period drama movie, directed by Stanley Kubrick Barry Lyndon.
  • Michael Collins (1996): This 1996 biographical periodic drama film revolves around the early 20th-century Irish struggle to get independence.
  • Becoming Jane (2007): Becoming Jane is a biographical romantic drama film released in 2007 that shows the early life of Jane Auster, an early British author, and her everlasting love for Thomas Langlois Lefroy.
  • The Medallion (2003): Medallion is an action comedy film directed by Gordon Chan in 2003, which was his English-language debut after making his name in the Hong Kong film industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is Dublin Castle famous?

Dublin Castle is a historic Irish building considered as a seat of English and served principally as the residence for British Monarch Irish Representative, the Viceroy of Ireland, and a ceremonial and administrative centre from 1204 to 1922. It has a great connection with Dublin independence and was initially developed under the orders of King John of England.

  • Who built Dublin Castle?

Dublin Castle was built by the Dark Pool or Dubh Linn, from where Dublin got its name. It was initially developed as a defensive fortification for the Norman city of Dublin and then became official representatives of the Monarch. After Independence, it came under the government of the Irish State and became a famous tourist place.

  • Is Dublin Castle worth visiting?

Yes, it is worth visiting Dublin Castle because you get a chance to explore the history of Ireland. You will find good sights to explore, experience beautiful architect, and sense this hidden gem.

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