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Welcome to CastrumToCastle – Exploring the Majesty of Castles and Medieval Life

Castles have a charm of their own. Built to perfection and shadowing the past glory of those who built and ruled it continues to intrigue and entice thrill seekers and culture enthusiasts even today. This is why we created this website in 2020 as a platform for people like us who share a common interest in castles and the era they were built in – the Medieval Period.

So, who are we? We are a growing community of castle enthusiasts who love to explore castles across the globe and get to know the stories behind them and what makes them unique. So, join us on this exciting journey back to the Medieval Era and explore the bygones in the most candid and engaging way.

Why CastrumtoCastle?

In our cramped, busy lives, we are nomads who love to wander and explore. But we are hardly able to do it due to life commitments and work deadlines. This is why CastrumtoCastle brings you stories from real travelers, historians, and authors who have dedicated their lives to traveling the world. Through their eyes and experiences, we bring you 100% authentic and accurate information, highlighting the historical, cultural, and architectural significance of castles.

Not just that, we bring these stories to life through contextual information about the life that was in those castles, why they were made and who made them. We add interesting facts to make the read even more interesting. Be it the times of wars, peace, life in general during the medieval era or what the castle stood for during that time, you will get to know it all with CastrumtoCastle.

Our Goal

Our ultimate goal is to cultivate a thriving community where individuals with a shared fascination for castles and medieval life can come together to engage, learn, and celebrate their mutual interests. And we promise to bring you these stories straight from the horse’s mouth – that is, from real travelers who have been there and experienced it all first-hand.

Castles are not just architectural structures to marvel at. They are a piece of history themselves. Life unfolded in these structures that sometimes acted as unbreachable forts for their residents and other times as a haven for those needing shelter. No wonder the travel enthusiasts of today continue to obsess over them.

Ever wondered how life would have been in the medieval era when there was no technology and the comforts of life? We bring you the intricacies of medieval life, the customs that were followed, the traditions that shaped people’s lives, the tools they worked with and the challenges they faced. From bustling villages to noble courts and ever-powerful churches, we tell you everything about everything.

Writers Wanted

If you are a traveler or a historian with a keen interest in exploring castles and discovering their history and wish to contribute to this rich platform, please contact us via the contact form and be a part of our flourishing community.

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