Featured image of Dover Castle Ghost

Dover Castle Ghosts

The magnificent Dover Castle dates back to over 2000 years and stands by England’s southeastern coast. Much of the castle was built under King Henry II. More than its glory, however, it’s the Dover Castle ghosts that catch the attention. Since the castle was largely used for defence since World War II, the castle ghosts

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Featured image of Castle Battlements

Castle Battlements

Ancient castles were built with great intricacy. Every wall of the castle had scientific reasoning behind it. Unfortunately, while focusing on its outer elegance, we forget to take note of the subtle nuances that make up for the valour of the palace. One such nuance is the battlements of the castle. There are several aspects

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Featured image of Abandoned Castles

15 of The World’s Most Beautiful Abandoned Castles

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and abandoned castles are proof of that. Our planet is filled with significant ancient structures, not just the pretty maintained ones. Real beauty lies in the ruins that seek an eye to witness their charm. These castles may not express their royalty but are an excellent expression

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Featured image of Game of Thrones Castles

Game of Thrones Castles You Can Actually Visit in Real Life!

Game of Thrones (2011) is one of the fantastic shows with the highest viewership. And something that made it even more favourable is the costumes worn by the cast and shooting locations. However, the costume design is still easy to match, but the location is something that many shows couldn’t think about shooting at. Rather

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