Featured image of Medieval Jewelry

A Glimpse of the Medieval Jewelry

From the start of the middle-age to the renaissance period, medieval jewelry was a much-cherished fashion embellishment for everyone. Ornaments have been worn since old times and have consistently impacted style even in the Dark Ages. Even when the whole era was drowned in the darkness, jewelry played an important role.Referred to as the Middle

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Featured image of Castle Hotels in Wales

10 Best Castle Hotels in Wales to Stay in 2022

Wales has it all: alpine hills, rocky cliffs, blooming gardens, and turreted guesthouses. It is one of the smallest though prettiest tourist destinations in the UK. Wherever you place your eyes, you will learn a lot about its iconic history because the entire country is filled with historic castles and solid fortifications. However, to explore

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Castle Hotel Germany

7 Best Castle Hotels in Germany to stay in 2022

Germany has a plethora of stories related to history and heritage. The medieval traditions of Germany were strong enough to grab the attention of history lovers. And something that makes it even better is grand fortresses. With the nested landscapes, interesting history, and classic architecture, there are more than 20,000 castles in Germany. And the

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Best French Castle Hotels

10 Best Castle Hotels in France to Stay in 2022

Are you fascinated with royals in Disney movies living in magnificent and breathtaking castles? It’s your time to experience the same feeling. There are some real castles that welcome guests to experience the luxury and authenticity of staying in it. Castle hotels in France offer magnificent sceneries, romantic locations, comfortable stays, and outstanding facilities. From

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