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The History of Dromoland Castle

LocationNewmarket-On-Fergus, County Clare, Ireland (Google Map)
Open for VisitorsYes
Owned ByA consortium of investors
Official WebsiteDromoland Castle
Rooms AvailableYes (Meetings, Events, Weddings, Stay)

Dromoland Castle is an Ireland-based 5-Star Castle hotel that allows its guests to live a royal and luxurious life. It was established between the 15th and 16th centuries, and then its whole architecture got updated in 1835 (the current structure, built by James and George Richard Pain).

History of Dromoland Castle

Dromoland Castle is one of the oldest lands in Ireland. In 1551, Murrough O’Brien was the first owner of this castle, who was granted the title of first Earl of Thomond by Henry VIII.

In 1582, he bequeathed the castle to his third son, Donough MacMurrough O’Brien, and was hanged in Limerick for rebellion charges. Then, the government decided to forfeit his property to the Crown, but O’Briens somehow managed to keep it, and the family rebuilt it. The whole construction work took about 300 years to look what we see now. Till the 17th century, the castle was used as his permanent residence, but after that, a second castle, i.e. Queen Anne Court, was constructed with 29 guestrooms under the sight of Sir Edward O’Brien.

Later after Second World War, Sir Donough O’Brien and his wife opened the castle for paying guests to solve their financial problems. And then, in 1962, the family finally sold Dromoland Castle to Mr Bernard McDonough for the same reason who transformed it entirely into a resort.

Finally, in 1987, a Consortium of Investors bought Dromoland Castle, which turned it into a luxury hotel. This hotel had many owners, and each of them left their stamp on its Architecture.


Dromoland Castle is a perfect combination of royalty, luxury, and modernism. It has a Baronial style and four irregularly linked castellated turrets. The north front of the castle displays O’Brien’s arms, the western portion gives a perfect lake view, the east side faces mountains, and the south has large walled gardens. The long curve driveway connects all the sides and makes every part of the castle accessible.

The castle gives good luxurious hotel vibes and gives you a chance to experience history and royalty together. It includes 97 guest rooms, where you can choose from 8 different styles of rooms. All rooms are fully facilitated, and you will get whatever you need. The castle has a large dining room, gallery, and activity areas, like a golf course, spa, horse riding or biking space, fishing at the lake, hiking in the woodland, and more.

Dromoland Castle in County Clare, Ireland.
Dromoland Castle”, by John Breslin, is licensed under CC0 1.0

Movie Features

  • Christmas at Castle Hart (2021): This movie is a Christmas themed movie, revolves around an Irish girl connected to her roots and how she met Aiden Hart and fell in love with him.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you stay at Dromoland Castle?

– Yes, Dromoland Castle offers the facility to stay in a Luxurious environment and experience the beauty of the history of Ireland. It has five-star spacious and bright rooms, where you can choose from Stateroom, Suite, Executive Deluxe, Executive Stateroom, The Brian Boru Suite, and more, and make your stay memorable.

  • How many rooms are in Dromoland Castle?

Dromoland Castle has 97 guest rooms and suites filled with a lavish interior, great vibes, and luxurious accommodation. Other facilities like fishing, tennis, falconry, full-service spa, and other traditional outdoor recreational opportunities are also offered to ensure a unique guest experience.

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