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The History of Sizergh Castle

LocationKendal, Cumbria, England (Google Map)
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Owned ByPrivate owners
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Sizergh Castle is a beautiful medieval house with beautiful gardens and a countryside estate located in the English country of Cumbria. Built by the Strickland family on 1,600 acres of land in 1350, Castle and Gardens have the grace to attract anyone. It is filled with essential collectables, rare oak furniture, and magnificent inlaid chambers. This Grade I listed building is the home of the Hornyold-Strickland family and is under the care of the National Trust.


The Deincourt family owned the Sizergh Castle land in the 1170s. However, in 1239, Elizabeth Deincourt was married to Sir William de Strickland, and the land was given as a gift to the Strickland family. The family decided to build a beautiful estate on this land in the heart of Sizergh, and the work was completed in the year 1350.

The famous Sizergh Hall was constructed between 1310 and 1360. The earliest part of the castle was a single-story hall range used as the east side entrance. In 1343, the four-story solar tower was added to the castle’s south side. Later, a smaller service range was built on the north side, and the adjacent lands were transformed into famous Sizergh Castle gardens.

In 1471, the Strickland family supported the Yorkist cause during the Wars of the Roses and Battle of Tewkesbury. After that, the current owner, Sir Thomas Strickland, was knighted. However, the family survived the defeat of Henry Tudor. Despite Walter Strickland becoming embroiled in the Pilgrimage of Grace, the major northern rebellion against the current king, they went on to prosper in the service of Henry VIII. He had a mission to modify Sizergh substantially, and Sizergh Castle was a part of it. He added an attic to the hall range, converted the service range into a three-story tower, built the north and south ranges, relocated the entrance to the west side of the castle, and stables and a modern kitchen. In addition, the South range of the castle was accommodated with a long gallery to display artwork.

During the Civil War, the Strickland family supported Royalists. It helped the family to retain their estates, but substantial fines accompanied it. Between 1670 and 1770, they built a better connection with the state, which helped them stabilize their income and enabled the modest upgrade of the Sizergh castle. Later, some legal conflicts occurred between the owners and the state, but Strickland held the ownership.

The Strickland family lived in the castle till 1950. Later, Gerald Strickland, the 1st grandson of Baron Strickland, gifted the Sizergh castle to the National Trust. Although the family still has on-paper ownership, the Sizergh castle and gardens are cared for and maintained by the National Trust.


Sizergh Castle
Sizergh Castle”, by Christopher Down, is licensed under CC-BY-4.0

Sizergh Castle is one of the oldest and most elegant castles in England. This castle has Gothic architecture and is filled with the finest Elizabethan carved ornamentals, good English furniture, and antique family portraits. The overall wooden panelling adds grace to the entire estate. The 18th-century beautiful furniture includes Gillows furniture pieces.

One of the oldest parts you can check out in Sizergh Castle is its tower. This solar tower has original fireplaces, floors, and windows from the 14th century. The inlaid chambers have Oak and English panelling, making the room richer. Also, all rooms have original state beds and glass strains.

Sizergh Castle Gardens includes two lakes, a woodland garden, a kitchen garden, herbaceous borders, a terrace garden, wildflower banks, a large limestone rock garden, an orchard, and a Dutch garden. Each of them is unique and allows visitors to enjoy different styles of gardens at the same spot. The characters of the Sizergh Castle Gardens are mixed and Victorian. If you are looking for a perfect place to relax, these gardens bloom every season.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Sizergh castle?

Sizergh Castle is located at the heart of Sizergh, a beautiful town in the English Country of Cumbria. It is about 4 miles away from the South of Kendal and relatively easy to reach through the road.

When was the Sizergh castle built?

Sizergh Castle was built in the year 1350 by the Strickland family. The castle’s land was gifted to the family by the Deincourts when their daughter, Elizabeth Deincourt, was married to Sir William de Strickland in 1239. First, the basic structure was built and remained on the land for more than 100 years, and then the owners made the major construction on the ground.

Does anyone live at Sizergh Castle?

The Sizergh Castle was the home of the Strickland family for more than 750 years, and they still have its ownership. But Gerald Strickland, the 1st grandson of Baron Strickland, gifted the Sizergh castle to the National Trust in 1950. Now, it maintains and takes care of the castle, making it one of England’s cleanest and most beautiful castles and gardens.

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