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The History of Wentworth Castle

LocationBarnsley, South Yorkshire, England (Google Map)
Open for VisitorsYes
Owned byWentworth Woodhouse Preservation Trust
Official WebsiteWentworth Castle
Rooms AvailableNo

Wentworth Castle is the Grade I listed building located at Stainborough, England. The original name of this castle was Stainborough Castle until it was purchased by Thomas Wentworth, Baron Raby, in 1708. It got its name Wentworth in 1731. This estate was under the care of Heritage Trust from 2001 to 2019, and now it is open for the public to explore. The National Trust has a partnership with Northern College and Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council and opened the gardens and parkland for the public in mid-2019.


Originally built by Sir Gervase Cutler in 1670, Wentworth Castle was known as The Culter house. Then this estate was sold to Wentworth’s; that’s where the house was remodelled. It was expected that Thomas Wentworth would inherit the castle, but Thomas Watson, his cousin, got it. Wentworth established his claim to the castle, and later, he bought the Stainborough Hall in 1708, which was just 7 miles away from it.

Thomas Wentworth was appointed as the 1st Earl of Stafford of the second creation by Queen Anne. He served as the ambassador to the Prussian court, and he came across the Baroque Style of Architecture. He added a new Baroque style wing to the Stainborough Hall in 1709. In 1727, Wentworth decided to build a new castle on the high hill. In 1731, it was completed and started as Stainborough castle. Later, it was renamed Wentworth castle.

In 1739, a new wing was added to the castle by William, Thomas Wentworth’s son. It had the Palladian style, and beautiful landscape gardens were added around it. In 1791, William died; because he had no child, his cousin’s son Frederick got the castle. Frederick was also childless, so his sister took over the castle. Shortly in 1802, she died, and the grandson of William’s sister, 6-year-old Thomas Wentworth Vernon, got the castle. In 1835, he rebuilt the church at Silkstone and modified the gardens by adding flowers and vegetables.

In 1897, Thomas Vernon Wentworth, Frederick’s son, became the next in-line owner and built the North West side of Cutlers Hall. His son, captain Vernon Wentworth, sold the castle, its outbuildings, and gardens to Barnsley Education Committee in 1948 for 26,000 pounds. Later, in 2007, the gardens of the castles were opened for visitors, but because of the financial crisis, they were closed in 2017. Later, negotiation took place between Northern College, National Trust, and Barnsley council, and Wentworth castle and its gardens were opened again in 2019 for the public.


Wentworth castle has a Gothic interior and has layers of garden design characteristics of all periods and fashions. Inside the castle, you will find the East Front ground floor room with bay-leaf friezes, doorcases, and panelling ceilings. Throughout the castle, there are antique decorations and furniture, which enhance its beauty. Also, the stone and cemented exteriors of the castle give it a cleaner look.

The Wentworth castle estate also includes the following, which you can explore during your visit:

  • Home Farm Barn,
  • Home Farm,
  • Duke of Argyll’s monument,
  • Rotunda Temple and its leftover from 1746,
  • Queen Anne’s Lodge,
  • Strafford Gate,
  • Serpentine Bridge,
  • Cart Shed and Granary,
  • Dairy,
  • Home Farm Archway,
  • Stable Block,
  • Gun Room,
  • Corinthian Temple, and
  • Strafford Arms

The Wentworth castle gardens include the following:

  • Conservatory,
  • Union Jack Garden,
  • Lady Lucy’s Walk,
  • Sun monument,
  • Victorian Flower Garden,
  • Azalea Garden, and
  • Ha Ha Bridge.

You will find fashionable gardening and special plants and trees in the garden and parkland. It can be your perfect place to spend some quality family time.

Note: Most buildings can’t be explored from the inside because they are under the Northern College’s use.

Movie Features

  • Doomed to Die (1940): It is the Mystery and Thriller movie, where the reporter and Mr Wong investigate a magnate’s murder shipping.
  • 1921 (2018): It is a horror mystery movie focused on how the couple got haunted by the spirits and how they found help.
  • The Rain Collector (2016): It is a history-based movie focusing on the women who confounded an idea and got involved in science in Victorian England.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Wentworth Castle?

In 1949, Wentworth castle was sold to Barnsley Corporation, which established a teacher training college on the premises. It is now owned by Wentworth Woodhouse Preservation Trust, and the gardens are managed by National Trust.

What was filmed at Wentworth Castle?

Many award-winning movies are filmed at Wentworth Castle. Some of the top picks are Darkest Hour, Victoria, Gentleman Jack, Billionaire Boy, Rain Collector, and Doomed to Die.

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