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An Implausibly Tall Tower House- Invermark Castle

Invermark Castle is an oblong-shaped tower house that dates back to the 16th century. It sits to the east of Loch Lee, Angus, Scotland, near the head of Glen Esk. The exterior of this magnificent castle is quite impressive.

It is surrounded by the beautiful mountainous country where Glen Lee and Glen Mark meet in order to become Glen Esk. Its exterior is also well-loved because of how well it gives you an impression of early centuries that are often lost in architecture.

The history of Invermark Castle

People around the world know just how impressive and interesting this gorgeous structure is. It is well-worth wandering off the beaten path for. For such a large castle, the growth of trees around the Water of Marks means that it is actually quite invisible from the southeast until you are virtually there.

The early history

The present castle we see today sits upon the site of a much earlier 14th-century castle. The castle once belonged to the Lindsays of Crawford. It was designed to control Highland marauders.

It was here that the 9th Earl of Crawford, David Lindsay, died in 1558.

The current day

The present castle we now see was built in the 16th century. It was subsequently heightened in the early 17th century. In 1803, the castle was abandoned.

The remains of Invermark Castle at the end of Glen Esk.
Invermark Castle“, by Scott Cormie, is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Invermark Castle Timeline

  • 14th century- An earlier castle exists on the site
  • 16th century- The present castle is built
  • 17th century- The present castle is heightened
  • 1803- Invermark Castle is abandoned

Invermark Castle facts

  • Invermark Castle is a scheduled monument
  • The entrance to the castle is barred and well above ground level, making the interior virtually inaccessible to visitors
  • The castle walls have rounded corners
  • A wheel stair was the only access to the vaulted basement
  • The 16th-century castle was a three-storey structure, having a corbelled parapet and parapet walk


Even though you cannot venture within Invermark Castle, it is still very much worth the visit. It is an interesting and impressive structure with a lot of historical importance. It can be hard to find due to the fact that the growth of trees around the Water of Mark means it is remarkably invisible from the southeast until you are very close to it. Nearby, you can visit Brechin Castle, Glamis Castle, Loch Muick, Mount Keen, Edzell Castle and Garden, Driesh, and Loch Lee.

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