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Chateau de Sully sur Loire – A Castle That Takes You Back in Time

LocationSully-sur-Loire, Centre-Val de Loire, France (Google Maps)
Open for VisitorsYes
Owned bythe Département du Loiret
Official WebsiteChateau de Sully sur Loire
Rooms AvailableYes (wedding, events, filming)

Located in the commune of Sully-sur-Loire, Centre-Val de Loire, France, Chateau de Sully sur Loire has had the most interesting and intruiging history. It has been host to some of the greatest historical figures including Phillipe-Auguste, Louis XIV, Joan of Arc, Mac Mohan and Voltaire. With 19 rooms, all distinct in their own way, a trip to the beautiful castle will bring you face to face with the riches of its amazing past and the palatial seigneurial residence that it has now been converted into. This ‘Petit Chateau’ has the signature pointed-arch framework with breathtaking interiors that continue to enthral visitors even today. 

History of Chateau de sully sur loire

Chateau de sully sur loire
Chateau de sully sur loire, by Gianluca Zampogna, is licensed under CC BY 3.0

The Sully Castle was established in 1395, and since then, it has faced several unexpected developments, with its architecture changing and progressing many times over the centuries. This architectural marvel was built by Guy VI de la Trémoïlle with the objective of defending the residents from the enemies and the grandeur and splendour to exhibit the power of the lord who owned it. Through the years, not only did the owners of the castle change but so did the architecture. Maximilien de Béthune bought the castle in 1602 and built the artillery tower. 

François-Marie Arouet, aka Voltaire, remained in the castle during his exile from 1716 and 1719. In 1794, during the French Revolution, the Duke of Sully built the six towers to show his solidarity with the revolutionaries. After his death in the 19th century, the castle became the property of the Béthune-Sully family. During WWII, a part of the castle was hurt by the shells and in 1962, the Loiret Departmental Council bought the castle. Today, this castle stands as a testament to a rich past. 

Chateau de sully sur loire Inside

Chateau de sully sur loire Inside
Chateau de sully sur loire Inside, by Chatsam, is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Since the chateau has been home to some of the biggest names in history and has been part of the French Revolution and the Renaissance, it has beautiful interiors with amazing artworks displayed throughout the castle. The 19 rooms, with each one having its own lovely character, are the highlight of the caste. There are French tapestries, paintings, sculptures and antique furniture from the old French period. However, the barrel-vaulted ceiling is its main highlight, which is a delight to the eyes and a perfect example of the unparalleled architecture of those times. Visiting through the castle, you can actually feel like taking a walk down history – from the Middle Ages to the French Revolution, WWII and much more.

Chateau de sully sur loire Interesting Facts

Here are some interesting facts about the Sully Castle:

  • Raymond du Temple, the king’s architect, was responsible for designing the castle on behalf of Guy de la Trémoïlle, who held the title of Lord of Sully.
  • Phillipe-Auguste, Louis XIV, Joan of Arc, Mac Mohan and Voltaire are some of the most famous personalities who visited the castle during the course of time. 

Chateau de sully sur loire Nearby Places to Stay

There are some really interesting places to stay near Sully Castle. Some of them include the Hotel La Closeraie, Hôtel Burgevin, Hotel Le Rivage, Hotel, Henri IV and more. You can explore these beautiful options for accommodations as some of them are old mansions, homestays and even castles converted into hotels. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the Chateau de sully sur loire?

The Loiret Departmental Council currently owns the Sully Castle. However, over the centuries, there have been several people who owned it. Later, it was converted into a palatial seigneurial residence.

Who built the Chateau de sully sur loire?

The king’s architect Raymond du Temple designed the castle for Guy de la Trémoïlle, the Lord of Sully. It was originally built as a fortification and a defence building, but later, it became home to some of the most known personalities in history.

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