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Enniscorthy Castle – A 13th Century Castle Where the Knights Ruled

LocationEnniscorthy, County Wexford, Ireland (Google Maps)
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Located in the heart of Enniscorthy County, Wexford, Ireland, this 13th Century castle was home to Norman Knights, English armies, rebels of Irish descent, local merchant families and even prisoners. Till 1951, Enniscorthy Castle housed its last owners, the Roche Family, who could not manage the upkeep of this huge castle and left for good. The castle was converted into a museum and opened to the public in 1962. Since then, it has been a major attraction in this part of Ireland. Did you know there is a secret dungeon inside the castle? That, too might be open to the public. Read more about this amazing castle in this article. 

Enniscorthy Castle History

Enniscorthy Castle
Enniscorthy Castle, by Przsak, is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

The castle was built in 1190 by Normon Knight Philip De Prendergast. The Knight’s family and his descendants resided in the castle till 1370 when it was forcefully taken away from the owners by the ancient ancestors of the land. However, none of the owners managed the upkeep of the castle, turning it into ruins by the time Henry Wallop got its ownership. It is under his rule that the castle was rebuilt to its present glory. The castle went under several owners over the years, before it was finally converted into a museum in 1962 and opened for the public. After closing down in 2006 for major renovations, the castle reopened in 2011 with a changed perspective of what the castle wanted to offer to visitors. While it was a museum attraction before 2011, it was turned into a living history of the Enniscorthy town, telling the amazing history of this beautiful little town.

Enniscorthy Castle Inside

The castle is situated at the head of the Slaney River, right in the center of Enniscorthy Town. It has four corner towers, a striking feature of Norman castles, and a four-storey keep in a rectangular shape. As the castle was a museum for several years, there are still remnants of the unique and antique pieces on display that tell the story of a beautiful and interesting past. The castle also has a dungeon that exhibits some age-old wall art that must have been carved on the walls during the time when the castle was in full bloom. 

Enniscorthy Castle Interesting Facts

Just like all ancient castles, the Enniscorthy Castle also has some interesting facts.

  • The Roche family, the last owners of the castle, frequently visited the US. However, on one particular visit, they had plans to travel to the US on HMS Titanic. However, their son fell ill, and they could not embark on that journey. What a lucky escape!
  • The famous poet Edmund Spenser leased the Enniscorthy Castle in 1581 but never lived in it. It is believed that he was scared of MacMurrough Kavanagh’s dynasty, who had reclaimed the castle in 1375.

Enniscorthy Castle Nearby Places to Stay

There are plenty of beautiful accommodation options near Enniscorthy Castle. There are modern hotels, homestays, clubs and historical buildings converted into hotels. Places like Treacy’s Hotel, Riverside Park Hotel & Leisure Club, Old Bridge House, Talbot Hotel, etc. are good options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the Enniscorthy Castle?

The Enniscorthy Castle is currently a museum that focuses on its history and the castle as a family home.

Who built the Enniscorthy Castle?

The castle was built in the 13th century by Normon Knight Philip De Prendergast.

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