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The History of Culzean Castle

LocationMaybole, South Ayrshire, Scotland (Google Map)
Open for VisitorsYes
Owned byNational Trust for Scotland
Official WebsiteCulzean Castle
Rooms AvailableYes (Stay, Weddings, Events)

Built between 1772 and 1790, Culzean Castle is a must-visit place in Ayrshire. It was designed by Robert Adam for David Kennedy, the 10th Earl of Cassillis. In 1945, the Kennedy Family donated the castle to the National Trust of Scotland. Now, Culzean Castle is open for the public to explore its unique interior, swan pond, ice house, flamboyant formal gardens, glasshouses, walled garden, and experience stories related to it.


Culzean Castle is known for its unique L-Plan. It was constructed under the 10th Earl of Cassillis, a man famous for his impressive wealth and status. He hired Robert Adam, a well-known architect, to build the castle and give it a fine country house feel so that it could become the seat of his earldom. It took about 15 years to complete and included a large drum tower with a circular saloon, a royal oval staircase, and grand suite-like apartments inside.

This castle became the venue of the grand wedding of Margaret Radclyffe Livingstone Eyre, daughter of Marquess of Ailsa and Thomas, Viscount Kinnaird in 1817. The Kennedy Family lived in the castle till 1945, but after that, they gave the castle and its grounds to the National Trust for Scotland. While giving the castle, they stipulated that General of the Army Dwight D. Eisenhower should get the top apartment of the castle to show their gratitude for his role as Supreme Commander of Allied Forces during the Second World War. He visited the castle in 1946 for the first time. In total, he only stayed in the castle four times, where one of the stays was with the President of the US.

On 24 June 1961, a British Yeomanry Cavalry Regiment formed by Earl of Cassillis in 1794 was returned to the castle so that it could be presented with its first guidon. Meanwhile, the castle was not open for visitors.

In April 2011, the Culzean Castle was founded by William Lindsay, American Millionaire, and was reopened after completing its refurbishment work. William Lindsay, who never visited the castle, requested that $4 million from his assets be given to Culzean after his death. The castle now welcomes more than 300,000 visitors each year and is maintained by the National Trust.


Culzean Castle house and gardens
Culzean Castle house and gardens”, by Jamesx12345, is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Culzean Castle is known as a three-storied Robert Adam’s masterpiece. It is a unique L-Shaped castle located on the Cliff of Ayrshire and offers the best view of the sea. Its architecture is soaked with history. There are majorly 10 rooms, servant quarters, and kitchen opened for the public to explore. The oval staircase in the castle is from the 18th century, and it is decorated with soaring colonnades and grand oil paintings.

You’ll find a great collection of paintings and furniture towards the Isle of Arran. And the entrance hall includes one of the largest British military flintlock pistols collections worldwide. The blue drawing room and the long drawing-room have beautifully detailed ceilings. The castle’s north side has the Gas House that provided the gas to the entire town till 1940.

Most of the castle windows offer a front-row view of the islands and beautiful gardens. It makes the interior of the castle shine beautifully with sunlight. Additionally, it has around 40 buildings dotted around its vast gardens. The castle entrance has a bold and contemporary design that adds approachability to it. You will also notice many sculptures and decorative plasterwork patterns when you enter the estate.

The Culzean castle is surrounded by beautiful gardens and wild woodland. It also includes the fountain court, walled garden, cliff walk, and children’s play park. In total, the castle offers a lovely contrast between elegance and nature. You can visit this castle with your family and friends and enjoy its luxury.

Movie Features

  • The Wicker Man (1973): The Wicker Man is a horror thriller focusing on how a Puritan Police Sergeant found a missing girl, which locals claimed never existed.
  • The Most Haunted (2002): The Most Haunted focused on the paranormal side of the Culzean Castle.
  • The Little Couple (2009): The Little Couple focused on the life of little people and how they manage their marriage, family, and careers.
  • Antiques Roadshow (2020): The Antiques Roadshow focused on showing the world the family heirlooms and found items.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does anyone live in Culzean Castle?

No, Culzean Castle is owned by the National Trust of Scotland, and no one lives in it. However, the castle is open for guests, and they can plan their stay in this Country House.

Why is Culzean Castle famous?

Culzean Castle is famous as one of the most famous constructed buildings by Architect Robert Adam. It has a unique L-plan and offers visitors a chance to experience the historic gallery wall, Gas House, and beautiful landscapes.

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