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Charlottenburg Palace- The Largest Palace in Berlin

LocationCharlottenburg, Berlin, Germany (Google Maps)
Open for VisitorsYes
Owned byState Palaces and Gardens
Rooms AvailableNo

Built in the 17th century and expanded in the 18th century, Charlottenburg Palace is one of the best surviving examples of Baroque and Rococo Style architecture. It draws many visitors from across the world to its long-gone German Royal family history and lavish interiors and exteriors.

Charlottenburg Palace History

The palace was commissioned by Sophie Charlotte, the wife of Frederick I, at the end of the 17th century. Earlier, the palace’s name was Lietzenburg, which had the Baroque style. It included a wing, two and a half storeys, and a central dome. However, the current architect, Johann Arnold Nering, died before the palace got completed, and Martin Grunberg and Andreas Schluter completed his remaining work. The palace was inaugurated on 11th July 1699, on Frederick’s 42nd birthday.

In 1701, Frederick became the King of Prussia and decided to expand the palace into a more representative seat based on the Versailles model. Here, more wings and an oversized dome were added to the castle. In 1705, Sophie Charlotte died. In order to give her the honour, the palace was named Charlottenburg Palace. In 1713, King Frederick I died, and the palace construction was abandoned. Later in 1740, Frederick the Great looked after further construction. The famous Charlottenburg palace orangery, theatre, and east wing were added to its architecture. The palace remained with the Frederick family for more than a century.

During World War II, in 1943, the palace was severely damaged. Its restoration and rebuilding work was handled by Margarete Kuhn, the director of the State Palaces and Gardens, and it took about two decades to bring the palace into its former condition. Now, it is open to visitors and is a major tourist attraction in Berlin.

Charlottenburg Palace Architecture

Charlottenburg Palace Architecture
Charlottenburg Palace Architecture”, by rey perezoso, is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Charlottenburg Palace has the Baroque and Rococo Architectural style. New Wing inside the palace includes the rococo ballroom, also called Goldene Galerie, and staterooms. The palace’s dining room is still filled with stunning silver, glass, gold, and porcelain tableware. The porcelain cabinet in the old palace includes the breathtaking collection of finest blue-and-white porcelain and remains of Prussian crown jewels.

You must explore other rooms during your Charlottenburg Palace tour: opulent private apartments, festival halls, the Grand Courtyard, and a collection of paintings by French 18th-century artists. The oldest section of the palace is Altes Schloss. It is an extravaganza in stucco, luxury, and brocade surroundings. The Flamboyant private chambers of Frederick the Great in the Neuer Flugel extension were originally designed in 1746 and allow you to explore a lot about 1700s rich architecture.

Each part of the palace tells a beautiful story you can’t afford to miss.

Charlottenburg Palace Gardens

After exploring the palace from the inside, you must stroll around the sprawling palace park. The park of the palace is known to be the most beautiful baroque garden in Berlin. Its splendid and stately greenery attracts thousands of visitors around the world each year. It includes shaded walkways, flower beds, manicured lawns, intimate garden spaces, and a carp pond from 1810.

You will also notice some buildings in the palace’s garden, the Belvedere and the New Pavilions, which are worth a detour. The overall garden is a mix of English landscape garden and Prussian garden theme. It will be a perfect way to end your tour.

Charlottenburg Palace Events

Many special events are hosted in the palace each year. If you have extra time in hand, you should definitely see an iconic classical concert at the palace. And during winters, you must explore the Charlottenburg Palace Christmas Market, filled with stalls by locals, small rides for children, and Gluhwein for adults. It runs from the end of November to the last week of December.

Charlottenburg Palace Tour

Charlottenburg Palace offers numerous tours in different languages so visitors can learn more about this amazing palace. You can select the one that fits your budget. You can even book the special tour package that will give you access to a special Charlottenburg palace dinner and Classical concert at the palace directly.

You can also visit Zwinger Palace, around 200 km from Charlottenburg Palace.

Getting to Charlottenburg Palace

Charlottenburg Palace is located in the city centre at Spandauer Damm 10-22. You can easily reach it via walking. If coming by bus or tram, you must stop at Routes 309, 109, and M45. You can even visit the palace by Road and park your private vehicle in on-site public parking.

This beautiful palace is close to many popular locations, such as the Brohan Museum, Berggruen Museum, Berlin Olympic Stadium, and Kurfurstendamm. You can also explore them after completing your Charlottenburg Palace tour.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get to Charlottenburg Palace from Berlin?

Charlottenburg Palace is located in the middle of Berlin, Germany. You can reach it by Berlin’s bus services, including Routes 309, 109, and M45. If coming by train, you can easily get to the palace from Berlin’s Central Station.

What is on display at the new wing in Charlottenburg Palace?

The New Wing in Charlottenburg Palace includes Opulent Rococo state Apartments of Frederick the Great and other modest winter chambers of Fredrick the Wilhelm II. In addition, you must check out the Palace chapel, Oak Gallery, State Rooms, Dining Rooms, and Golden Gallery located in this part of the palace.

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