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The History of Leasowe Castle

LocationLeasowe Road, Wirral, Merseyside, England (Google Map Location)
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Leasowe Castle was built towards the end of the 16th century by Ferdinand Stanley, the 5th Earl of Derby. Situated along the Wirral coast, the Castle provides scenic views of the surrounding landscape. Today, the Leasowe Castle Hotel is a popular destination for weddings and social gatherings.

A visit to Leasowe Castle also promises a fulfilling culinary experience. The Brasserie 1593 is the Castle’s newly-established restaurant and boasts exquisite cuisines and a diverse menu. Tourists can also select from a wide range of fine restaurants situated along the Wirral coast close to the Castle.


Ferdinand Stanley, the 5th Earl of Derby and second heir to the English throne, built Leasowe Castle in 1593 as a hunting lodge. The Earls of Derby ruled the Isle of Man between 1407 and 1725. The Stanly family owned the Castle for around a hundred years after its construction. The Castle initially consisted of a single, octagonal tower and was named “New Hall”. Situated near the town of Wallasey, the Castle was also a convenient spot for its residents to view the Wallasey Derby- one of England’s first horse-racing tournaments. By 1700, the Castle was neglected and fell into a state of disrepair. Due to its poor condition, it was named “Mockbeggar Hall”.

In 1821, Leasowe Castle was acquired by Sir Edward Cust and remained in the Cust family till the end of the 19th century. Sir Edward was also given the Cust Baronetcy of the Castle in the County of Chester, indicating the high status of the Cust family in the 19th century. After Sir Edward acquired the Castle, he briefly resided there and made an unsuccessful attempt at converting it into a hotel. During this period, the ceiling, paneling, and other interior decor were moved to the Castle from the Palace of Westminster’s Star Chamber, which was due for demolition. The ornate interior designs are still present today in the Castle.

Leasowe Castle was passed down the Cust family tree after Sir Edward’s death until 1891, when it was converted into the Leasowe Castle Hotel. For most of the 20th century, the Castle was used as a home for retired railway employees. The only exception to this was its use as accommodation for German prisoners during World War I.

The Castle was then acquired by the Wallasey Corporation in 1974. The Castle went into the possession of the Wirral Borough Council until it was finally converted into a full-fledged hotel in 1980. Leasowe Castle Hotel was purchased by Bhupendra Gandhi in 2015 and is today a popular destination for weddings and social gatherings.


Leasowe Castle, by Ghmyrtle, is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The initial design of Leasowe Castle consisted of a single octagonal tower. The Castle’s proximity to the coast made it susceptible to flooding. In light of this concern, the Castle door was installed at the height of six feet above ground level. The lower portion of the Castle may have been used as a stable. Additional towers, buildings, and towers were installed over the years, making the Castle more elaborate than what constitutes its simple, initial design.

Leasowe Castle is famous for its ornate interiors, which have been designed over decades with utmost care. While the Cust family owned the Castle, it acquired the famous starry ceiling from the Palace of Westminster’s Star Chamber. The ceiling remains on display today in the Castle, along with elaborate panelling and four beautiful tapestries which depict the four seasons. Another popular element in the Castle’s interiors is the Battle Staircase. Installed by Sir Edward Cust, this staircase carries nameplates embellished on its wrought-iron rails, which describe famous battles fought on British soil.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Leasowe Castle?

Leasowe Castle was built in the 16th century by Ferdinand Stanly and remained in the Stanly family for a hundred years, after which the Cust family occupied it till the end of the 19th century. In 2015, it was purchased by Bhupendra Gandhi’s enterprise, HDK Leisure.

Who lived in Leasowe Castle?

For the first hundred years after the construction of Leasowe Castle, it was the residence of the Stanly family, after which it was occupied by the Cust family in the 19th century. King William III also briefly stayed at the Castle during his expedition to Ireland.

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