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LocationPeckforton, Cheshire, England (Google Map)
Open for VisitorsYes
Owned byPrivate Owners
Official WebsitePeckforton Castle
Rooms AvailableYes (Meetings, events, weddings, and stays)

Peckforton Castle was built between 1844 and 1850 and is now a Grade I listed building. It is a Victorian country house with a medieval-style exterior and interior that is now transformed into an authentic hotel with 48 bedrooms and conferences, events, wedding facilities. Sits amongst 4000 acres of forest in Cheshire, Peckforton Castle gives you a chance to collectively experience stunning landscapes, royal structures, and enchanting services.


Peckforton Castle was built by John Tollemache, one of the greatest landlords in Cheshire, between 1844 and 1850. George Latham of Nantwich was the first choice of Tollemache for architecture design, but due to his high fee, he appointed Anthony Salvin. He was also a well-known and experienced architect of that era and had worked with Tollemache on many projects.

Initially, the Peckforton Castle was built as a family home but gave a medieval castle feel to the visitors. It includes a gatehouse, a dry moat, a large tower, turrets, a portcullis, and big windows with arrow slots. Many legends, including George Gilbert Scott, called it the largest, most carefully designed Gothic mansion in the 1850s.

The castle stayed with John Tollemache till the late 1880s. Later, in the 1890s, Wilbraham Tollemache, the 2nd Baron Tollemache, became the owner and added central heating and electric lights to it. In 1939, Bentley Tollemache, the 3rd Baron Tollemache, grandson of Wilbraham Tollemache and his family, left the castle because of the Second World War. The castle was used as a hostel for physically disabled children thrown out of London.

In 1955, Bentley Tollemache died. Since he had no son, the castle was passed to John Tollemache, his cousin. During the 1970s and early 1990s, the castle was used as a shooting location. Later, in 1988, Evelyn Graybill, an American, purchased the castle for 1 million pounds and converted it into a hotel. In 2006, the Naylor family bought the castle and started using it for staying and organising corporate and wedding events.

In June 2011, Peckforton castle was damaged due to a fire during a wedding. A total of 6 million pounds were used on bringing the castle to the best state. Now, you can visit and stay in this castle hotel and experience its Gothic and medieval feel.


Peckforton Castle aerial view
Peckforton Castle: aerial”, by John Hardy, is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Peckforton Castle was designed by Anthony Salvin while keeping the Gothic Revival style in mind. Its red sandstone exterior, leading with asphalt and a tiled roof, highlight it in the overall forestry surroundings. This castle’s structure includes three storeys and a five-storey tower. Also, it is surrounded by a dry moat that connects to the gatehouse. On the west side of the castle, you will notice stables, a coach house, a rectangular bell tower, and a kitchen and service area.

The flat roof of the Peakforton castle adds a modern touch to it. The castle’s outer walls have long, slender turrets, corbel tables supporting battlements parts, and walls with arrow slots. You will find an excellent hall range on the north side with 18 bays and a circular central tower. You will notice a gallery wing and octagonal library tower on the east side.

The interior of the Peckforton castle includes a great hall with a Minton tile floor and a large chimney that makes it contemporary. The east wing has a long gallery with oak panelling, and behind it, you will notice an irregularly-shaped billiard room and drawing-room. The castle staircase is located in the great hall, making access to all floors easier. You will also find other contemporary rooms in the castle with contemporary themes.

The fifth floor is designed to offer a proper place for playing racket. The overall castle is surrounded by a garden, chapel, and entrance lodge that enhance its overall design.

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  • Robin Hood (1991): Robin Hood is an action and adventure drama focusing on the 12th century when Normans were ruling England.
  • Doctor Who (1963-1989): The one to four parts of Doctor Who, the adventure drama where the doctor travelled in time and space, were shot in Peckforton Castle.  
  • The Worst Witch (2017-): The Worst Witch is a current-running TV show focusing on a young girl who got into an academy for young witches and her journey.
  • Sherlock Holmes (1964-1968): Sherlock Holmes is one of the most-watched series focusing on the stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Peckforton Castle?

Peckforton Castle is located among the 4000 acres of forest land in Cheshire, the most stunning corner of the UK. It can easily be reached from Liverpool and Manchester with just an hour of drive.

Who got married at Peckforton Castle?

Many famous stars got married at Peckforton Castle. One of the prominent names on the list is American celebrities, Ciara and Russell Wilson. They hosted a fairytale wedding at this castle, and celebrities like Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, Jennifer Hudson, and Serena Williams were some rumoured guests to attend it.

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