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Nuremberg Castle- History & Travel Tips 2022

LocationNuremberg, Bavaria, Germany (Google Maps)
Open for VisitorsYes
Owned byThe state of Bavaria
Official WebsiteKaiserburg Nuremberg
Rooms AvailableNo

Nuremberg Castle, also known as the Imperial Castle of Nuremberg, is a group of medieval fortified buildings located in Bavaria, Germany. Built over 1,000 years ago, this castle symbolises the power and importance of the Holy Roman Empire. It is one of Europe’s most formidable walled castles with magnificent structures.

Now, the castle is owned by the state of Bavaria and administered by the Bavarian Administration of State-Owned Places, Gardens, and Lakes and is open for visitors to explore.

Nuremberg Castle History

Nuremberg Castle is dated at least the year 1000 A.D; however, there are no historical documents of its existence until 1105 by Holy Roman Emperors over the remains of previous buildings of Salians. This castle was the residence of Kaisers of the Holy Roman Empire for about 500 years. And during this time, many modifications took place to the castle’s premises.

The castle served all the major purposes of Roman emperors during the Thirty years’ War (1618-1648). However, after that, the castle started losing its importance and was neglected with time. In the 19th century, the government decided to rebuild the castle. By 1939, during the Nazi period, the castle was brought to its original state to prepare for the Nuremberg rally.

However, the castle was largely ruined after World War II’s air raids. Again, it took about 30 years to complete the rebuilding and restoration work of the castle and bring it to its present state.

Now, the castle is open for visitors. You can walk around and enjoy its exhibition. Also, you can choose from multiple Nuremberg castle-themed tours and make your visit more fun.

Nuremberg Castle Architecture

Nuremberg Castle Aerial View
Nuremberg Castle Aerial View”, by Nicohofmann, is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

The castle has a timeless German artisanship style. It is one of the best-rebuilt castles in Germany using sandstone rock. It is a huge complex with thick walls built by Hohenstaufens and their successors. Each section inside Nuremberg castle has its own appealing character. During your visit, you can explore a lot about the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation.

Places you should never miss during the Nuremberg Castle Tour

  • Sinwell Tower: It is a perfectly rounded or circular tower used for status and defence in the past. Its bricked structure is very rare to see in today’s time.
  • Knight’s Hall: This hall was used by emperors to meet important people and look into legal matters earlier. It is a well-designed hall with German architecture.
  • Nuremberg castle well: This is a deep well constructed by sticking rocks through 50 metres. It was used to provide water supply to the entire castle. A small house is built on the top of the well, which the visitors can access.
  • Corner Chamber: This chamber is the imperial crown of the Nuremberg castle, decorated with colourful stones and a gleaming gold cross. You will also notice some impressive wooden models of Nuremberg in this room.
  • Double Chapel: It is an ancient chapel designed with sandstone. It was used as the Emperor’s Gallery and altar in the past.
  • Kaiserburg Museum: If you want to learn about the the castle’s history and medieval armour and weapons, you must explore the Kaiserburg Museum in the Imperial Castle of Nuremberg.
  • Nuremberg Castle Gardens: The castle includes some pretty gardens that allow tourists to enjoy the beautiful weather of Germany. These can be the perfect picnic spots. Maria Sibylla Merian garden is a must-explore. It includes the plant and insect collection of Maria Sibylla Merian, an artist and naturalist.

Nuremberg Castle tickets

The Entrance Fee for Nuremberg Castle and its museum is €5.50. You can also upgrade to a €7 Imperial Palace combination ticket as it will give you access to Sinwell Tower, Deep Well, and Double Chapel as well.

The castle is open from 10 am to 4 pm for October to March and from 9 am to 6 pm for April to September.

More Information about Nuremberg Castle

You can reach Nuremberg Castle via tram and U-Bahn. The nearest tram stop is Tiergärtnertorplatz (line 4), and the nearest U-Bran Stop is Lorenzkirche. Also, you can reach the castle via walk and explore the real Nuremberg city on its way. It is about a 10-minute walk away from the Center of Nuremberg.

It is easy to find Nuremberg castle accommodations. The private rooms at castle hotels in Nuremberg start from €80 a night. You can also stay at the Nuremberg castle hostel, like Youth Hostel Nuremberg castle, if you are travelling on a budget.

Don’t forget to explore Handwerkerhof Market, Weißgerbergasse Street, concerts at Lorenzkirche, Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds, and Nuremberg City Walls after exploring the Nuremberg Castle. They will make your trip more memorable.

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