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Much like the Taj Mahal, Schloss Marienburg or Marienburg Castle was a gift by King George V of Hanover to his wife, Queen Marie. This token of love has now become one of Germany’s most popular and impressive historical monuments. Reminiscent of a medieval hilltop castle, it got a fairy-tale-like appearance. Today, the castle has become home to music, art, and culture, apart from being a top tourist destination that attracts hordes of history and culture enthusiasts. Read the article to learn about this mesmerising gem’s history, interesting facts and more.

Schloss Marienburg History

Schloss Marienburg
Schloss Marienburg , by Tim Rademacher, is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

The Marienburg castle was built between 1858 and 1867. Conrad Wilhelm Hase, one of the most prominent architects of that time, was commissioned to design the castle, which was eventually never finished. In 1866, a war between Prussia and Hanover broke out. The castle was still under construction when Prussia annexed Hanover, and King George V escaped to Austria, followed by the Queen a year later. So the castle was uninhabited for decades, with only a caretaker residing in the unfinished property for more than 80 years.

It was only in 1945 when Ernest Augustus, Duke of Brunswick and his wife Princess Viktoria Luise of Prussia moved to the castle after they were forced to escape the Blankenburg Castle. In 1954, their son Prince Ernest Augustus IV converted the castle into a museum. In 2018, Prince Ernst August transferred the castle’s ownership to the state of Lower Saxony.

Schloss Marienburg Inside

Schloss Marienburg Inside
Schloss Marienburg Inside , by Frans Berkelaar, is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The design and architecture of the castle have been inspired by Gothic architecture, giving it a medieval look. Its fairy-tale appearance makes it a magnetic structure. Since it was uninhabited for years, most interiors retained their original look and feel. Even today, the interiors look as fresh as new. The staterooms, the royal family’s private chambers, the Queen’s library and the royal kitchen, which are perfectly preserved, can still be visited.

Schloss Marienburg Interesting Facts

Just as enchanting the castle is, there are facts about it that make it equally fascinating.

  • King George V built the castle as a gift for his wife, Queen Marie.
  • As war broke out while the castle was still being built, the king and the Queen could not reside in it.

Schloss Marienburg Nearby Places to Stay

While visiting the castle is an experience, staying at some of the most beautiful hotels is yet another experience you must not miss. You can choose from places like Gästehaus Rühmekorf, Van Der Valk Hotel Hildesheim, Parkhotel Bergholzchen and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Schloss Marienburg?

The Marienburg Castle is the private property of the Royal House of Hanover, given to the state of Lower Saxon by Prince Ernst August in 2018.

Where is Schloss Marienburg?

The Marienburg Castle is located in Lower Saxony, 15 kilometres northwest of Hildesheim and 30 kilometres south of Hannover.

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