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LocationChirk, Wrexham County Borough, Wales (Google Map Location)
Open for VisitorsYes
Owned byNational Trust
Official WebsiteChirk Castle
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Chirk Castle was built in 1295 by Roger Mortimer De Chirk in Chirk, Wales and is considered a stark symbol of power. It is a magnificent medieval fortress with 480 acres of estate parkland and the 18th-century beautiful terrace offering a beautiful view of Cheshire and Salop Plains. This Grade I listed castle opened for the public from March to October and between limited dates in November and December every year.


Chirk Castle was built in the late 1200s by Roger Mortimer De Chirk as a part of King Edward I’s chain of fortresses in North Wales. It solved the purpose of guarding the entrance of Ceiriog Valley. In the initial years, it was also used as the Marcher Lordship of Chirkland’s administrative centre. Till 1310, the construction work of the castle continued, and it got a very similar look to Edward I’s excellent concentric castles. However, the outer defences were never appropriately built due to conflicts in the architectural requirements. The work was only started in four of the six intended towers in the castle’s inner ward.

In early 1593, the castle was sold to Thomas Myddelton for 5,000 pounds. His son was a Parliamentarian in the English Civil war and became a Royalist in 1659. He got the transom windows and mullions added to the castle’s design between the 16th and 17th centuries. Also, the castle was somehow ruined during the English Civil war and was rebuilt. At this time, he became the 1st Baronet of Chirk.

In 1796, the Myddelton family passed the castle to Charlotte Myddelton, the daughter of Thomas Myddelton, 1st Baronet of Chirk. She married Robert Biddulph, who changed his name to Robert Myddelton-Biddulph to get the castle’s ownership. After his death, his son got ownership of the castle. The Myddelton-Biddulph family remained the owners of the castle since the early 1900s.

Thomas Scott Ellis leased the castle, 8th Baron Howard De Walden during World War I and II. After that, it became part of many movies and opened to evacuees. Later, the Myddelton family returned to the castle. In 1981, they transferred it to the National Trust and the castle and its gardens opened for the public.


Chirk Castle
Chirk Castle”, by Mike Peel, is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Chirk Castle is a castle with over 700 years old history, and it welcomes visitors to experience its antique and beautiful architecture from the Mediaeval period. It has lavish interiors and an eclectic collection from the 17th century. Also, a long gallery, grand saloon from the 18th century, servant’s hall, and the restored East Range can still be found in the castle. It also contains the library and a Bow Room designed in the 1920s, showing off its high society collections.

The castle is surrounded by 5.5 acres of gardens with clipped yews, beautiful roses and shrubs, a rock garden, manicured lawns, herbaceous borders, and wooded pleasure ground. It also gives visitors access to the terrace with an 18th-century design and can offer a stunning view of Cheshire and Salop plains and the overall garden. The sight of earthwork can still be seen near the lake.

The 480 acres of parkland of the Chirk Castle is the home of wild ponies, veteran trees, Offa’s Dyke, and sheep, and you can explore them from near. It has a unique entrance gate, turret clock on the east, lavishly furnished rooms, and Adam Tower on the South-west to experience. Overall, it will offer natural beauty with a bit of historical touch.

Movie Features

  • Victory and Peace (1918): Chirk Castle became a part of Victory and Peace, a war genre, by Herbert Brenon in 1918.
  • Treasure Hunt (1982-1989): Treasure Hunt is a TV series focusing on Helicopter sky runner Anneka Rice and how she finds the treasure.
  • The Flower of Gloster (1967-): The flower of Gloster is a TV series where a guy and his sister and brother pilot a boat from north-east Wales to London.
  • Casanova (2005): Casanova is a miniseries focusing on how Casanova found his true love after spending years running behind pleasure.

Frequently Asked Questions

When was Chirk Castle built?

Chirk Castle was built by Roger Mortimer De Chirk in 1295, following the second war of Welsh Independence. The castle had the concentric and imitated design, but it never got the whole defensive scheme processed in it. Later, in 1659, the castle was under siege and was severely damaged, and it was rebuilt into a stately home by Charles II and returned to Thomas Myddelton.

Can you get married at Chirk Castle?

Yes, Chirk Castle allows people to get married on the premises. It is filled with lavish interiors and beautiful collections. You can plan your ceremony in the graceful castle’s chapel or the rustic hawk house. However, remember to book the Chirk Castle beforehand to ensure its availability on the respective date.

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