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The History of Ruthin Castle

LocationRuthin, Denbighshire, Wales (Google Map Location)
Open for VisitorsYes
Owned byPrivate Owners
Official WebsiteRuthin Castle Hotel
Rooms AvailableYes (Stay, Wedding, Events, Conference)

Constructed during the late 13th century by Dafydd ap Gruffydd, Ruthin Castle is a historic property with stately manor aesthetics. It is located in Wales on the red sandstone ridge and can offer a Downtown experience and a beautiful valley view. It has 54 rooms, and each of them has an individual touch. You can plan your stay in Ruthin Castle hotel and experience the luxurious, historic, and country feel.


Ruthin Castle was initially used as the Iron Age fort. Before 1277, Edward I of England was the owner of the castle land. To show his gratitude to Dafydd ap Gruffydd for assisting him during North Wales’s Invasion, Edward I granted the land to him. There are no clues whether the ground was bare or an existing fort on the site before this. Finally, in the late 13th century, the castle got its structure.

Ruthin castle was initially known as ‘Welsh Red Castle in Great Marsh’ because of its red sandstone finish. It has been the base of the Noble De Grey Family and was titled ‘Barons Grey De Ruthyn’ during that time. Reginald Grey, 3rd Baron Grey De Ruthyn, the man who sparked the rebellion of Owain Glyndwr, used it as his base.

The castle was also used as a prison after 1579. The Welsh Poet, Schoolmaster Richard Gwyn, and Recusant were tortured, hanged, drawn, and quartered at the castle in late 1584. Later, the castle was used as the base of many warships. At the beginning of the English Civil War, the castle started losing its appearance, and the necessary construction was done to make it defensible. In 1646, it was also used as the siege by parliamentary troops for eleven weeks. Later, the forces of Oliver Cromwell dismantled and demolished the castle and called the process slighting.

For years, the castle remained untouched. Then between 1923 and 1950, it started being used as a private hospital for investigation and treatment of obscure internal diseases by the British government. After that, it was closed due to some crisis, and it reopened in the 1960s as a hotel. At this time, the castle finally got its name ‘Ruthin Castle’. Since its existence, it got many famous guests, including Prince Charles, Prince of Wales. Also, now it has the name in the top haunted castles in the UK and has been a favourite spot for paranormal investigations.


Ruthin Castle courtyard
Ruthin Castle courtyard”, by Neil Parley, is licensed under CC BY 3.0

Ruthin Castle is an 800 years old castle with period-appropriate rooms, a modern approach, medieval feast striking halls, and a spacious and impressive interior. It is surrounded by gardens, where you will notice peacocks playing. It has the stunning red and stone brick that made the crisscrossing ivy design on the walls.

The castle has 54 rooms with castle standard rooms, castle deluxe rooms, castle suites, and Prince of Wales suite. It also has a dining area and respective halls for weddings and conferences. Marble lions guard the entrance of the castle. The lobby has dark-wood floors with leather and cream fabric furniture. You will find the coffered ceiling, wood panelling, and lined walls in most parts of the castle. Also, the halls and dining places with electric fireplace and crystal chandelier win the visitor’s heart instantly.

Throughout the castle hotel, you will notice the medieval decorations and will give the feel that you have gone back to the 1200s. With the ancient and antique feel, the Ruthin castle also offers modern amenities, including two restaurants, a day spa, a gym, free WiFi, and well-equipped rooms. You can easily access the Ruthin Castle Hotel from North West England, Liverpool, and Manchester and experience its architecture yourself.

Movie Features

  • Ruthin Castle- Part 1 (2018): The most haunted show’s team investigated the Ruthin Castle to analyse if it is haunted or not.
  • Ruthin Castle- Part 2 (2018): This was the continuation of Ruthin Castle Part 1, where the paranormal investigation was done.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who lived in Ruthin Castle?

Ruthin Castle was the home of the Grey family after the second war of Welsh Independence. They retained the castle during the 14th and 15th centuries and used it as their base.

How many rooms does Ruthin Castle have?

Ruthin Castle has 54 rooms, where you can choose between Castle Standard Rooms, Castle Deluxe Rooms, Castle Suites, and The Prince of Wales Suite. This castle hotel has received the Wales Gold Award for offering outstanding quality, exceptional comfort, hospitality, and a perfect combination of modern and historic feel in each room.

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