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Discovering Drumtochty Castle

Drumtochty Castle based in Aberdeenshire right on the edge of the ever so beautiful Drumtochty Forest. Stepping into this delicately balanced and enticing castle is like stepping into some sort of enchanting and magical world that exists centuries away from ours. When you visit the castle, you will be able to experience the amazing atmospheric surroundings, stunning interiors and breath-taking panoramic views.

These days, it is used exclusively as a wedding venue which means that even you can head on down and enjoy your own enchanting and love-filled Drumtochty Castle wedding. In only a few minutes of being there, you will simply fall in love with the romantic and comforting Scottish castle that many have come to adore in recent years. Let’s take a look into the history of Drumtochty Castle.

Drumtochty Castle - A Magical Event Venue
Drumtochty Castle. Source: Visit Aberdeen

The history of Drumtochty Castle

Drumtochty Castle doesn’t have a particularly long or treacherous history by any means, however, it has still experienced heartache and deceit throughout its years as an established castle. It is a stunning and opulent castle that dates back to the 19th century. It stands proudly amongst 350 acres of woodland and it has proudly become somewhat of a church-like building that many lovers seek in order to have a Drumtochty Castle wedding.

The early history

The castle was built in the year 1812 and was originally created in a neo-gothic style castellated mansion, you can still see this today. It is said to have been built strictly to the wonderful designs of James Gillespie Graham who was a well-known Scottish Architect who had built many other works during that time.  He worked hard to make Drumtochty Castle an elegant and enchanting work of art and what you see today is a reflection of all of the love he put into creating it.

Perhaps one of the most important and interesting times of Drumtochty Castles history was during the time of World War II. During this time, the castle was bought by the Norwegian government in exile and was then subsequently used as a boarding school type of establishment for Norwegian children who were refugees because of the German Occupation of Norway. During this important and somewhat saddening time, the castle was known and referred to as ‘Little Norway’.

The interior of Drumtochty Castle

Drumtochty Castle may not have the craziest, most prominent, or most well-known history, but what it lacks in history, it really makes up for when it comes to the interior. The interior of the castle is simply magnificent. The regal interiors of Drumtochty Castle almost seem too good to be true simply because they seem to be out of an old royal movie, however, they are very real and very grand.

Throughout Drumtochty Castle, you will see many ancient portraits as well as stunning antique furniture which provides all of the castle guests with an authentic castle experience. It opens up the chance for everyone to party in grandeur and celebrate in style! This is perhaps what makes it such an extravagant and simply amazing wedding venue.

A grand Drumtochty Castle wedding

This ideal wedding venue is one of the most amazing in Scotland because of many different reasons. With an overwhelming sense of enchantment paired with extreme charm, it is no secret as to why so many people want to commemorate their love here. The venue can hold up to 120 guests and there is also onsite accommodation available for 99 people.

When you hire Drumtochty Castle for a wedding, this event venue is all yours to enjoy. You can spend the weekend relaxing and disappearing into the magic of it all as well as basking in an atmosphere of privacy and luxury for your entire weekend.

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