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An Impressive Mansion- Gordon Castle

Sometimes known as Bog-of-Gight or Bog o’Gight, Gordon Castle is a beautiful exclusive use venue located near Fochabers in Moray, Scotland. It was once the principal seat of the Dukes of Gordon. After being redeveloped in the 18th-century, it soon became one of the largest country houses ever built in Scotland.

Unfortunately, a lot of it has since been demolished. Now, only a small house survives.

The history of Gordon Castle

Gordon Castle is incredibly impressive. It is located to the northeast of Scotland and is steeped in a grand history. Once a huge country house, this now small house sees a large variety of guests come through the door every year. With only a small history, this castle seems to have a lot of secrets hidden within.

The early history

The very original Gordon Castle was built in the 1470s by George Gordon, 2nd Earl of Huntly. It was then later enlarged by his grandson, George Gordon, 1st Marquess of Huntly. The well-known architect, John Adam, was commissioned in 1764, alongside Abraham Roumieu to redesign the castle.

Unfortunately, this never came to fruition.

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There is a tall tower at Gordon Castle. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Gordon Castle changing hands

After the first commission failed, the commission then fell to the lesser-known Edinburgh-based architect, John Baxter, who went forth and rebuilt it in 1769 for Alexander Gordon, 4th Duke of Gordon. Upon the death of the 7th and 8th Dukes within a decade of one another, the Gordon Castle estate was put up for sale by the 9th Duke.

He put the castle up for sale to pay off the enormous death duties. Then, the majority of the castle’s contents were sold and most of the castle was demolished.

The present day

After being demolished, only the 16th-century tower and one of the wings still survive today. The beautiful Gordon Castle gardens are one of the main drawing points to this gorgeous castle and estate. With so much to do, take your pick and simply enjoy the adventure.

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Gordon Castle Gin

Gordon Castle now has its very own gin. In fact, the castle has many different types of alcohol made on-site. The website states: “Everything we produce has been grown at Gordon Castle Walled Garden in Fochabers, Scotland. From the botanicals for our gin to the apples for our cider, the essential oils for our bath and body to the tomatoes in our chutney. We created this product range to fund the restoration of one of Britain’s oldest and largest walled gardens.”

The Gordon Castle Gin has fantastic reviews and seems to be worth the purchase!

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The castle is truly spectacular. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Gordon Castle Timeline

  • 1470s- The very original castle is built by George Gordon
  • 1764- John Adam is commissioned to redesign the castle alongside Abraham Roumeiu but it never came to fruition
  • 1769- The lesser-known Edinburgh-based architect John Baxter rebuilds the castle for Alexander Gordon, 4th Duke of Gordon

Gordon Castle facts

  • The central four-storey block of the castle incorporated a six-storey medieval tower called the Bog-of-Gight, and was flanked by a pair of two-storey wings
  • The main façade was 568 feet (173 metres) long
  • Before being demolished, it was one of the largest country houses ever built in Scotland
  • Nowadays, the Gordon Castle estate is referred to as a modern sporting estate
  • The castle has been known as Bog-of-Gight or Bog o’Gight

Who owns Gordon Castle?

In 2008, the whole upkeep, running, and ownership of the castle fell to the current owners, Angus and Zara Gordon Lennox. They work on all the areas of the castle to keep it looking great and running like a well-oiled machine.


Unfortunately, Gordon Castle is not open to the general public for tours. However, it is open for stays, weddings, and exclusive use events. The gardens and estate make for such a beautiful stay or event.

You can also head down to the award-winning café to try the delicious produce made on-site or head over to the shop and browse over 200 products. There is also a gorgeous natural play area and season trails around for the whole family.

Nearby, you can visit Moray Monster Trails, Loch na Bo, Gordon Arms Hotel, and Gordon Chapel.

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