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The Short History of Glengorm Castle

The Category B listed building on the Isle of Mull, Scotland, known as Glengorm Castle, is a beautiful castle that stands out from the rest. Sometimes referred to as Castle Sorn/Sorne, this castle is a stunning example of Scotland’s beautiful castles. It is situated roughly six kilometres (3.7mi) northwest of Tobermory.

The history of Glengorm Castle

While this beautiful castle does have a short and limited history, it still stands out greatly from other castles. This is mainly because of its dramatic scenery and sheer natural beauty. The look of this castle is simply unmatched. It is said that the sunset views across the Atlantic from the castle are enchanting and borderline magical.

Still of Glengorm Castle
The castle is now operated as a hotel. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

The early history

The stunning estate was purchased in the year 1856 by James Forsyth of Quinish. To make way for his new house, he immediately got to work to clear the existing township of Sorne. The home, Glengorm Castle, was completed in 1860. The home was designed in a Scots Baronial style by Kinnear and Peddie.

The current day

Nowadays, the castle is operated as a guest house and wedding venue while also harbouring a café and small shop within the former stables. The castle is located directly on a headland and overlooks the gorgeous Atlantic Ocean. On a lovely clear day, the Outer Hebrides and Islands of Uist, Rùm and Canna can be viewed from the castle.

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Glengorm Castle Timeline

  • 1856- The stunning estate is purchased by James Forsyth of Quinish
  • 1860- Glengorm Castle is finally completed in a Scots Baronial style by Kinnear and Peddie

Glengorm Castle facts

  • Glengorm Castle is a Category B listed building
  • The castle is built in a Scots Baronial style
  • The castle is situated roughly six kilometres (3.7mi) northwest of Tobermory
  • James Forsyth had to clear the existing township of Sorne to build his castle
  • The castle is often referred to as Sorne/Sorn Castle

Books on Glengorm Castle

  • Glengorm Castle by Jonathan Hall (2010)

Who owns Glengorm Castle?

The new owners of the castle, the Nelson family, say that the castle is the perfect escape from the city life. They operate the property as a B&B and also run a café and shop from within the castle.


The castle and surrounding areas are the perfect places to inspire adventure within minds. The local area offers some of the best cycling, shooting, fishing, and horse-riding in all of Scotland. There are also many other leisure activities if none of those spark your interest. If you love the outdoors, it is a great idea to stay at the Glengorm Castle hotel and venture out from there.

The Glengorm Castle hotel pricing ranges from £190 to £355 for one night. Exploring this beautiful part of the world and breathing in the fresh air is a great experience. Nearby, you can also visit Duart Castle, Café Fish, Boathouse, and Hebridean Lodge.

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