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The History of Tregenna Castle

LocationSt Ives, Cornwall, England (Google Maps)
Open for VisitorsYes
Owned byPrivate Owners
Official WebsiteTregenna Castle
Rooms AvailableYes (Stay, conference, events, restaurant)

Above the hills of Harbour Town, St Ives, you will find Tregenna Castle. It is an 18th-century castle resort named after the hill it is located on. It is a Grade II Listed building covered with 72 acres of natural woodland and gardens. The castle is located in the most beautiful corner of Cornwall and can be your favourite family destination to enjoy nature and spend quality time.


Tregenna Castle is not medieval, but it still has an interesting history. In 1774, this castle was built by Samuel Stephens, an important local family member. The castle was built using local granite stone to maintain its strength. At that time, it only included 12 bedrooms and was just a private home of a wealthy Cornishman who wanted to spend his life on the seaside. John Wood, the younger, worked on the architecture of the Tregenna castle.

In 1871, John Stephens, the final heir of the castle, sold it to the Bolitho’s, a family of local bankers. At the same time, when the Bolitho’s family bought the castle, the Brunel was building the Great Western Railway from London to Penzance to make travelling in the West of England easier. And back then, it was fashionable for big railway companies to establish hotels by the sea.

Tregenna Castle caught the eye of the Great Western Railway because of its fantastic view. And in 1878, they decided to lease it. Finally, in 1895, they purchased the castle, and with the contribution of local craftsmen, they extended it and made many modifications. Many new rooms, a hallway, and the main reception area were added to the castle. And in a few years, everyone started calling it the ‘Jewel in the Crown’ of hotels designed by GWR. Meanwhile, it was also utilised as the station for GWR buses.

In 1948, the GWR Company was nationalised, and the management of Tregenna castle was passed to many owners, including Sea Containers Ltd, British Rail, and Crown Hotel. The Tregenna Castle Resort was developed throughout the 1900s until it achieved its beauty.


Autumn colour at the Tregenna Castle Hotel
Autumn colour at the Tregenna Castle Hotel”, by Andy F, is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Tregenna Castle is a beautiful sea-facing resort located at the top of Tregenna Hill. It is positioned in a crescent shape and is surrounded by surf beaches, an 18-hole golf course, blooming gardens, and world-famous landmarks. You will also get an outdoor pool and tennis courts in this castle resort.

Each castle lodge has been built using the timber-frame system with masonry ground. It has anthracite grey windows and a slate roof.

The 99 hotel rooms and 55 apartments of Tregenna castle are filled with modern and classic interiors. They all offer beautiful views of quaint cobbled streets and beautiful bay beyond them. Some rooms are designed in a way that they can give a proper sea view.

The isolated 72-acres ground around the castle allows visitors to stay in nature. The castle’s west wing has a Brasserie restaurant and subtropical gardens that make the castle lively. If you like beach vibes and want to make your stay satisfactory and peaceful, consider staying at Tregenna castle resort.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Tregenna Castle hotel?

In 1948, when the Great Western Railway Company was nationalised, the ownership of the Tregenna castle was passed to many different owners, including some major rail companies and hotel franchisees. The current owners of the castle are Crown Hotels, and Tregenna Castle Estate currently manages its grounds and hotels.

How many rooms does Tregenna Castle have?

Tregenna Castle includes 99 rooms and 55 apartments, including basic castle hotel rooms, special Tregenna rooms, castle sea view rooms, west wing sea view rooms, family rooms, and Zennor family suites. It also includes Poldark Apartment, Samphire Apartment, Driftwood Apartment, Pen an Dinas Apartments, hunters apartments, gamekeeper’s lodge, and more.

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