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Chateau de Verteuil – A Chateau with Rich and Enticing History

LocationCharente, France (Google Maps)
Open for VisitorsYes
Owned byLa Rochefoucauld family
Rooms AvailableNo

There is something astonishingly charming about Chateau de Verteuil, a structure that still stands tall in its full glory in the peaceful town of Charente. Built in 1080, the castle has been witness to some of the biggest historic events, destroyed, rebuilt, destroyed and resurrected several times. From the British occupation during the Hundred Years’ War to being occupied by the German Troops during WWII, this castle has seen it all. However, its beauty never diminished even once during these turbulent times. Today, it remains a popular tourist destination where enthusiasts flock in huge numbers to appreciate and marvel at its scenic, pristine and prestigious presence. 

Chateau de Verteuil History

Chateau de Verteuil
Chateau de Verteuil, by Jack ma, is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

This castle is believed to have been built by the Lord of La Rochefoucauld, and since then, it has remained the home of this family. Unlike most other castles in France that have had multiple owners and occupants, Chateau de Verteuil’s lineage has belonged to this prestigious family that continues to manage and maintain it to date. 

After being taken over by the British armies during the Hundred Year’s War, it was reoccupied by Huguenot fighters in the 16th and 17th Century during the religious wars. It was demolished to quite an extent during this period. However, the owners reconstructed it, only to be fairly damaged again during the French Revolution. It was the Bourbon Restoration of 1815 when the castle returned to its romantic best. From then, till now, it has undergone numerous renovations, becoming one of the oldest standing structures in French history. 

What makes this castle so interesting is that during WWII, it not only housed German troops but also became a safe haven for the French resistance, which was quite active in this part of France. 

Chateau de Verteuil Inside

Chateau de Verteuil
Chateau de Verteuil Inside, by Archeo-glen, is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

The castle is not only an important chapter in French history but also beautifully decorated and maintained from the inside. It has 14 bedrooms, each more beautiful and intricate than the other. Its several salons and lounges and a huge library add to its uniqueness. There is even a hidden staircase, adding an element of mystery for the visitors. Its upper deck is laced with intricately designed tapestries that have carvings of mythology and the Medici family’s coat of arms, providing a sense of culture and rich history to the onlookers. Some salons, especially the Louis XVI Room and Rose Salon, have painted ceilings, a true sight to behold.

Chateau de Verteuil Interesting Facts

Here are some interesting facts about Chateau de Verteuil: 

  • The chateau has had some really popular visitors and illustrious guests. These include Henry IV of France, Catherine de’ Medici, and her daughter Margaret, Louis XIII, Anne of Austria, and the esteemed Queen Mother Marie de’ Medici.
  • The seven tapestries – The Hunt of the Unicorn – that adorned the walls of the castle, were quite widely adored. Several efforts were made to preserve and restore them to ensure that those beautiful pieces of art were saved. 

Chateau de Verteuil Nearby Places to Stay

There are some really interesting and enticing places near the chateau that you can choose from for your stay during the visit to the castle. Places like Les Halles Chambres d’hotels, Les Bruyeres, A la Paloma, etc. are some really cool places to stay. Since Charmant is a quaint town, there are options for homestays and old castles and buildings converted into hotels available for stays. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who own the Chateau de Verteuil?

The La Rochefoucauld family has been known to own the castle from the time it was built in 1080. It might have been occupied by several entities over the centuries, but the owners have remained the same ever since.

Who built the Chateau de Verteuil?

It is believed that the Lord of La Rochefoucauld got the castle built in 1080. It was originally meant to be a structure for fortification, however, it has become an epicenter of tourists looking to get a sneak peek into history.

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