Hohenschwangau Castle: 19th-century Architectural Masterpiece

LocationFüssen, Southwestern Bavaria, Germany (Google Maps Location)
Open for VisitorsYes
Owned byPrivate Owners
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Hohenschwangau castle, located in Hohenschwangau village in Bavaria, Germany, is a 19th-century architectural masterpiece. It is known for its heavenly views, homely atmosphere, and lavish interiors. The oldest records show that it originated in the 12th century; however, Maximillian II rebuilt it entirely after seven centuries. This castle attracts more than 300,000 visitors worldwide every year because of its modish architecture and deep history.

Hohenschwangau Castle History

Hohenschwangau Castle
Hohenschwangau Castle, by Ruben Holthuijsen, is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Hohenschwangau castle was contrasted in the 12th century by Knights of Schwangau, vassals of the Guelphs. They lived in the castle for more than four centuries. Due to several attacks and wars, the castle was destroyed. Unfortunately, the last surviving knight passed away in the 16th century, and the castle was left abandoned.

In 1535, Johan von Paumgartner Zu Paumgarten, the counsellor, bought the castle. In 1538, he decided to rebuild the castle. The whole construction work was completed in 1547. Then, locals started calling it ‘Hohenschwangau’ castle. The counsellor lived in the castle for only a short time, and it was again left abandoned. After 300 years, the castle was completely ruined. Many other people bought the castle during this time, but it was demolished because of several wars and conflicts.

In 1832, Maximillian II, the king, purchased the ruined castle because he fell in love with the location. He rebuilt the castle following 19th-century romantic architecture. Every room was designed following a different theme. This castle served as the childhood home of king Ludwig II and Otto I and for the royal family hunting retreat during summers. The overall construction of the castle was completed in 10 years.

In 1864, the king died, and Ludwig II became the next king. He shifted to the main building until his new home, Neuschwanstein castle, was built. Since 1928, the castle has been owned by the Wittlebasch Family and is open to tourists.

Hohenschwangau Castle Architecture

Hohenschwangau Castle
Hohenschwangau Castle, by joiseyshowaa, is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Hohenschwangau Castle has Gothic Revival architecture. It has yellow walls and a traditional medieval design from the outside, which immediately grabs the attention of tourists. The Overall castle is spread over 10,763 square feet.

Inside Hohenschwangau Castle

Hohenschwangau castle’s interior walls and ceilings were designed by an Italian architect, Domenico Quaglio, and they depict German and Bavarian history. One of the paintings you will notice throughout the castle is of the swan.

All rooms of the castle are finished and well-managed. You must explore the oriental room and hall of heroes and knights, the largest part of the castle. You will admire their magnificent Gothic decorations. During your tour, you will get a chance to see a few rooms closely.

Gardens of Hohenschwangau Castle

Hohenschwangau castle’s gardens are a must-explore. They are designed by Domenico Quaglio, with the same theme and charm followed inside the castle. The swan fountain with multi-layered circular bushes is the highlight of it. You can also visit the chapel, a short walk down the castle walls. You can enjoy the views of Lake Alpsee from the gardens.

Hohenschwangau Castle Facts

  • Knights of Schwangau owned this castle for about four centuries.
  • Only Guided tours are allowed at this castle, which the castle’s staff members operate. You can buy the castle tickets from the ticket centre or website, including the charges for the guided tour.
  • This castle was the childhood home of King Ludwig II.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Hohenschwangau Castle famous?

Hohenschwangau castle is famous for its unique history and magnificent architecture. It is a beautiful castle decorated with Gothic ornaments.

Is Hohenschwangau Castle worth visiting?

The castle might look boring outside because of its yellow medieval exteriors, but it has beautiful, lavish interiors. Each wall and ceiling tells exciting stories about the royal family’s history. Overall, you must visit this castle.

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