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Walworth Castle- An Exquisite Castle Hotel

LocationDarlington, County Durham, England (Google Maps)
Open for VisitorsYes
Owned byPrivate Owners
Official WebsiteWalworth Castle
Rooms AvailableYes (Stay, Corporate Events, Weddings)

Located in Walworth, Durham, Walworth castle hotel is a 12th-century castle that allows its guests to explore medieval royal life closely. It is a Grade I listed building with authentic Tudor-style architecture. It has also served as a Prisoner-of-war camp during World War II and a girls’ boarding school in the 1950s. Now, this castle is a part of Best Western Hotels groups and has been opened as a hotel.

Walworth Castle History

The castle was built around 1150 by the Hansard family. The family stayed in the building for a little less than two centuries, but later, it went into the House of Neville’s hands. In 1391, Robert Hansard reclaimed the castle, and it stayed with the family till 1539. In the same year, Elizabeth Hansard, the existing heir of the castle, was married to Sir Francis Ayscough. As a wedding gift, the castle was passed to the Ayscough family. The castle stayed with them till 1579. Later, it was sold to Thomas Jennison.

Thomas Jennison reconstructed the castle entirely. He converted the medieval southwest tower into the castle we see today. His family looked after the castle until 1679; later, the castle was dilapidated due to political conflicts. The family decided to sell the castle.

In 1681, the castle was divided from the rest of its estate. The Chancery awarded the main castle to Robert Jenison. In 1687, Ralph Jenison bought the remaining estate for £6,205 and reunited it with the castle. He renovated the castle entirely at great expense and died in debt. In 1759, the castle was sold to Matthew Stephenson, a wine merchant, at £16,000, and then to John Harrison, a Newcastle Merchant, in 1775.

John Harrison’s daughter, Ann, married Arthur Aylmer, and the castle was passed to the Aylmer family. The Aylmer family looked after the castle till 1931, and some major renovations took place in the castle during this period. After the death of the family’s last heirs, it was sold to Neville and Charles, General Aylmer’s descendants. During World War II, the castle was also used as a prisoner-of-war camp for 200 men under the command of Major Rollin Holmes. In 1950, the property was bought by Durham Country Council and converted into a girls’ boarding school.

In 1981, John and Jennifer Wain bought the castle, renovated it, and opened it as a hotel. In 2000, the castle was purchased by Rachel and Chris Swain.

Walworth Castle Architecture

Walworth Castle Hotel
Walworth Castle Hotel”, by Dave Bailey, is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

With the unique Tudor architecture, Walworth castle is one of the beautiful castle hotels where 12th-century charm meets 21st-century convenience. It is a perfect place to visit for people who love peaceful and quiet places with a lot to explore.

Today’s castle has the original structure of the 1600s. It was built with rendered limestone rubble and its roof with Welsh slate. During your stay in the Walworth castle hotel, you can choose any of the 32 individually designed bedrooms with rough historical architecture and modern amenities. And when you are hungry, you can check out Walworth castle restaurant. The Walworth castle menu also includes some authentic dishes from Durham. You can even enjoy the Walworth castle afternoon tea while enjoying the peaceful surroundings.

While staying at Walworth castle holiday cottage, you must explore the west tower with gun loops and narrow trefoil-headed and round-headed windows. The staircase and west wing of the main castle are from the 1860s. It might be closed to visitors, but it offers an amazing view filled with greenery from the castle’s windows.

The Grounds of the castle, located on the North side, are open for visitors. It includes a 19th-century set of patched brick and squared stone garden walls, dressed stone gate piers with unique tops, and a beautiful glazed wooden greenhouse. You will find a lodge and unique gate piers with medieval battlemented style on the Walworth castle grounds. On its east side, you will also notice some huts identified as the possible site of the World War II prisoner-of-war camp.

Walworth Castle Hotel Events

Walworth castle hotel offers many packages, including wedding packages. To-be couples can book the castle and have a fairytale Walworth castle wedding. The castle also lands the space for event organisations. Some famous events organised at the castle were Quaker Triathlon Charity Event, Haughton School’s formal ball, and Butterwick Children’s Hospice event. If you are at Walworth and want to add a magical touch to your events, organise it at Walworth castle.

Walworth Castle Ghost Stories

The Castle is supposed to be haunted, and many ghost stories are associated with it. It is believed that a maid was pregnant with a castle lord’s baby. When the Lord knew about it, he bricked her up into the spiral staircase’s walls. There is a popular belief that her spirit still haunts the castle, and many guests have reported noticeable paranormal happenings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Walworth Castle?

Walworth castle is located at Walworth village near Darlington in Durham, England. It is about 6 miles away from Darlington train station.

Who lived in Walworth Castle?

Walworth Castle has had various owners ever since it was built. Families who lived in Walworth castle were the Hansard family, Aycough family, Janison family, Jennison family, Stephenson family, Harrison family, Aylmer family, and Eade family.

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