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Chateau de Blois- Your Travel Guide

LocationBlois, Loire Valley, France (Google maps)
Open for VisitorsYes
Owned byThe town of Blois
Official WebsiteChateau de Blois
Rooms AvailableNo

Chateau de Blois is one of the incredible palaces of the Loire Valley. This remarkable palace is famous for its residents and exceptional standpoint on the development of French chateaux engineering. You can see the structures dating from the 13th to 17th centuries. The stone markers from the medieval times to the Renaissance sit close to one another, competing for your attention. 

Chateau de Blois History

At the doors of the Loire Valley, the regal palace of Blois presents a genuine display of the art and history of the Loire palaces, which makes it the best prologue to your visit.

In the 10th century, Thibaud, Count of Blois, laid the stones for a post-like castle. Blois was not then a piece of the French Kingdom. It was exclusively toward the finish of the 14th century that Blois was offered to the illustrious French family and turned into a part of France.

The underlying fortress sitting on this site was raised during the 1200s to safeguard the town of Blois. It was in this stone fortress where Joan of Arc was honoured in 1429, preceding embarking to overcome the English at Orléans.

Joan of Arc plaque at Chateau de Blois
Joan of Arc plaque at Chateau de Blois”, by Carcharoth (Commons), is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Blois was home to a few kings and sovereigns of France, including Francis I. The medieval palace turned into an imperial home in 1498 when King Louis XII changed the dim archaic fort into the beautiful château of red block and stone that you see today. It was his most memorable project when he became King in 1515.

Chateau de Blois Architecture

Chateau de Blois architecture
Chateau de Blois”, by Christophe.Finot, is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5

Château de Blois used to be the most loved home of the kings of France during the Renaissance period – 7 rulers and ten sovereigns of France lived here. Subsequently, the Royal Château of Blois was a centre of monarchic power and a significant site in France.

Around the yard, overwhelmed by the fantastic François I flight of stairs, unfurls a compilation of four styles of French engineering: the Gothic style with the States General room, the starting points of Italian impact with the Louis XII wing, Renaissance in the François I wing, and exemplary wing worked by Mansart for the Duke of Orléans.

If you move towards the stream, you’ll see a stone pinnacle, the most seasoned piece of Blois with views over the river.

Chateau de Blois Interior

Duban Gallery of Blois Palace
Duban Gallery”, by Zairon, is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Inside the château, there are around 30 furnished rooms to visit. These incorporate the splendid 13th-century ‘salle des etats’ with its luxuriously enriched roof, the lavish room of Henry IV, and the chamber of secrets of Catherine de Medici.

There are superb tiled floors, lavish decorations, portraits, and sculptures. With 17 rooms to explore in addition to an educational room, it’s not tremendous. However, there’s a lot to see inside the chateau.

You can feel the set of experiences in those thick stone walls and radiated roofs, in the tiled floors and chambers with secret pantries concealed in the wood framing. Some of the rooms are flawlessly beautified, splendid, vivid, and dynamic. Even the pillars are canvassed in little portraits. Seeing them gives you a vibe of how the palace would have looked when Kings and Queens lived here.

How To Reach

Nearest Airport: Tours Airport – Val de Loire, 55.0km. From Airport to Tours central station with an airport shuttle. From Tours main station to Blois station by bus. From there to the site with a local taxi which takes around 10min.

Chateau de Blois Nearby Tours

There are a lot of spots to see and visit around Blois. Blois is a district where you can visit many unlikely treasures, whether you love climbing or cycling. Here’s a list of famous places to visit in Blois –

  • Musee de la Resistance et de la Deportation
  • Maison de la Magie
  • Blois Cathedral
  • Chateau de Cheverny
  • Chateau de Troussay
  • Foundation du Doute
  • Maison des Vins de Cheverny
  • Vallees de la Grand-Pierre et de Vitain
  • Maison des Vins de Cheverny
  • Basilique Notre-dame De La Trinite

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Frequently Asked Questions

When was the Chateau de Blois built?

It was in the 16th century that the palace turned into a home for rulers when King Louis XII involved it as a base and essentially developed the castle and the gardens at Blois. The advancement went on with Francois I, even though he lost interest in the house after the passing of his better half.

How much do tours cost at Chateau de Blois?

Blois isn’t “cheap,” yet it is worth it. You get to see not one but four particular design styles and learn lots about French history. A single grown-up ticket costs 10€, and kids pay 5€. However, if they are under six years of age, entry is free.

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