Best French Castle Hotels

10 Best Castle Hotels in France to Stay in 2022

Are you fascinated with royals in Disney movies living in magnificent and breathtaking castles? It’s your time to experience the same feeling. There are some real castles that welcome guests to experience the luxury and authenticity of staying in it. Castle hotels in France offer magnificent sceneries, romantic locations, comfortable stays, and outstanding facilities. From medieval delights to Chateau charm, French castle hotels have it all.

Check out the hand-picked list of the ten best castle hotels in France that you can choose in 2022 and make your dream come true of staying in the palace.

Best Castle Hotels in France

10. Chateau de Bagnols:

Chateau de Bagnols, castle hotels in france
Chateau de Bagnols, by Chateaudebagnols, is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

To experience the 5-star luxury and old-style French architecture, plan your stay at Chateau de Bagnols. It is one of the castle hotels in France that has been maintained well for centuries. It will please you with the stunning entranceway, and old-world France feels. To make your stay even more memorable, you can stay in the Chateau Suite. It is filled with the French countryside approach. You will feel like a royal while staying in this castle hotel in France.

This beautiful French castle hotel is just 2.5 hours away from Paris via TGV. It is located in the centre of Bagnols and is filled with exceptional wildlife sightings and panoramic views.

9. Relais de Chambord:

Relais de Chambord
Relais de Chambord, by PIERRE ANDRE LECLERCQ, is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Relais de Chambord is one of the top picks of the best castles to stay in France and enjoy a fairytale holiday. It seems like a forest glade and will instantly drive you into a whole new magical world. Also, it can be a perfect romantic getaway place. It offers the facilities for magical dining on the grounds surrounded by tall trees and lanterns. The modern French style of this site will win your heart instantly.

This 4-star castle hotel in France is just minutes away from Chateau de Chambord, and you can travel there from Paris in under 2 hours. Plan your stay to experience the Chateau views from the hotel rooms.

8. Hotel de la cite Carcassonne:

Hotel de la cite Carcassonne
Hotel de la cite Carcassonne, by MikeDicaire, is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

One of the oldest castle hotels in France, Hotel de la cite Carcassonne has a mediaeval look and feel. Staying in this castle hotel will allow you to experience heritage, uniqueness, and unique style. It is filled with Neo-Gothic architecture that will fill your stay with delightfulness. It has 47 rooms and 13 suites available for its guests, making it one of the top castles to stay in France.

This castle hotel is located in Carcassonne, the old world fortified city, which allows you to experience natural and man-made attractiveness and a comfortable stay.

7. Chateau Hotel Grand Barrail:

Chateau Hotel Grand Barrail
Chateau Hotel Grand Barrail, by JP Newell, is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

If you are a fan of authentic French culture but looking for a hotel with all modern specialities, plan your stay at Chateau Hotel Grand Barrail. This castle hotel features the traditional interior and décor, like carpets and drapes, and world-class modern and luxurious amenities. It includes a large swimming pool, pretty gardens, and spectacular views in this castle hotel. There is no way you can resist yourself staying in it.

Located in the South of France, this castle hotel is just 3 km away from Saint-Emilion. You can expect nothing but perfection from your Chateau Hotel Grand Barrail stay.

6. Chateau de Mercues:

Chateau de Mercues castle hotel invites you to experience France’s real art and history. It still includes some well-maintained turrets and towers converted into fairytale authentic guest rooms. Each room is imposed with French richness and luxury.

This castle hotel is located in the heart of the countryside, Cahors, surrounded by lakes, tall trees, and blooming flowers. It will delight your France vacation with peace.

5. Chateau de la Treyne:

Chateau de la Treyne
Chateau de la Treyne, by A1AA1A, is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Built in 1342, Chateau de la Treyne was a mediaeval castle, later transformed into a French hotel. It is filled with French fairytale vibes and old-world charm accompanied by modern comfort. This castle hotel is located on a cliff overlooking the Dordogne River and is surrounded by a formal French garden. Each guest room and suite is poured with period furniture and classic decoration.

If you want to experience some extra fun inside the castle, you can check out the pool, tennis court, and fishing and canoeing spots located on the castle’s premises.

Visit this castle hotel in France to experience the authentic Chateau atmosphere. It is easy to reach via a metallic bridge located near Pinsac Village.

4. Chateau de Picomtal:

Chateau de Picomtal
Chateau de Picomtal, by Fr.Latreille, is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

If you want to experience the cosiness of the castle hotel in France, visit Chateau de Picomtal. It is a small turreted castle hotel with only nine rooms and suites. All rooms are filled with comfort and decadence. This castle hotel stands out perfectly in all seasons and allows you to experience the beauty of nature. During your stay, you can fill your days with fun activities like fine dining, cooking workshops, nocturnal tours, and more on the castle’s premises.

By staying in this intimate castle hotel in France, you will be close to the town of Embrun and the Southern French Alps and can explore sites at these places too.

3. Chateau de Codignat:

Chateau de Codignat is one of the few Castles in French to stay in with traditional cultural vibes. It has a magnificent structure with cascading turrets loaded with original stone exterior and well-maintained window sashes. It will be a once in a lifetime experience to stay in this castle. Whether you are reserving for a stay or an event, this castle hotel is filled with luxury, comfort, and an authentic touch of history.

This castle hotel is located in the heart of 15 hectares of Natural Park in France. It is just a few kilometres away from the Clermont-Ferrand and can easily be reached via road.

2. Chateau les Carrases:

If you love wine, Chateau Les Carrases could be your favourite castle hotel in France to stay. It’s a 19th-century wine estate transformed into a holiday house. You can call this castle authentic and serene. People who want to experience a little more luxury don’t have to stay in hotel suites. Each villa in this castle hotel offers world-class luxury, private pools, sun loungers, and stunning gardens. You can grab your glass of wine and sit next to your swimming pool.

Just 2 hours away from Toulouse airport, this castle hotel is the favourite destination for tourists who want to add a little slice of heaven to their stay in France.

1. Chateau de Sadillac:

To add the most to your family vacation, plan your stay at Chateau de Sadillac. This castle hotel has everything we used to see in the castles of Disney tales. The interiors and grounds of this castle hotel are restored to match luxury standards. The overall brickwork will add a magical experience to your stay. The beautiful views and world-class amenities make it one of the best castle hotels in France.

This castle hotel is just 17km away from Bergerac and 13km away from Eymet. You can visit it to experience pure bliss.

France is the land of castle hotels, and you can plan your stay in the one that matches your requirements and budget. Thank you for reading this blog on the Best Castle Hotels in France to stay in 2022. We hope this will make your castle hotel selection for staying easier.

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