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The History of Tully Castle

LocationDerrygonnelly, County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland (Google Maps)
Open for VisitorsYes
Owned byDepartment of Environment
Rooms AvailableNo

Situated in County Fermanagh, Nothern Ireland, near the village of Blaney, Tully Castle is a wonderful fortified structure on the southern shore of Lower Lough Erne. The castle is a very important historical site in North Ireland with a long-standing violent past.

History of Tully Castle

Initially, Tully Castle was built by Sir John Hume, a Scottish planter, in 1619. The castle lived a fair life until the Irish rebellion of 1641. During the rebellion, Rory Maguire attacked the castle and several others. When he arrived at the Tully castle on Christmas eve, the castle was already surrendered by the men since it was full of women and children. Lady Mary Hume, head of the community, then surrendered the castle officially to Rory Maguire. Maguire led the family into believing that their safety was looked after, but on Christmas Day, Maguire brutally killed 60 women and children and 15 men, sparing only the Humes family. The castle was devastated by being burnt to ashes, and the Humes family never returned. What was left of the remains was mainly a burnt front building and the remains of a ruined garden.

After this incident, the castle was never rebuilt again until 1974, when it was acquired by the Department of Environment. Later on, the castle was excavated, archaeological works were carried out at the site, and the castle was rebuilt to be visited by visitors. What was left of the remains was mainly a burnt front building and the remains of a ruined garden.


The castle is typically a Plantation castle with a typically Scottish T-shaped plan, a square wing starting out from the centre from the south side of the entrance, and a timber staircase. The upstairs and downstairs are divided by the hall and parlour on the ground floor and the Scottish-styled bedrooms upstairs. The upstairs is to be approached through a spiral Scottish-style staircase. The downstairs also has a large barrel-vaulted chamber, used as the kitchen and storeroom, including cooking recesses. What’s worth noticing is that there are no windows, so the lights must be provided through lamps or the fireplace.

Movie Features

Tales from the Big House (2002)- A 2002 TV Series starring David Norris shot a few scenes at The Tully Castle.

Screen Two (1995-2002)- Directed by Kenith Trodd, the TV series shot its scenes for its second episode, “Loving” at The Tully Castle.

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