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Roch Castle- Luxury Castle Hotel

LocationRoch, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, Wales (Google Maps)
Open for visitorsYes
Owned byGriffiths-Roch Foundation
Official websiteRoch Castle
Rooms availableYes, Bed & Breakfast, exclusive stay with self-catering for 12 people, weekend getaway.

Roch Castle is famously known to be built and owned by the de Rupe family in the 12th century. They had to flee from this rocky outcrop during the civil war. Since then, it is now a contemporary luxury hotel. It offers everything a travel enthusiast needs to experience, the thrill of living in a life-size castle. The spectacularly located castle is an accredited five-star hotel with a breathtaking view for its visitors. 

Roch Castle History

The Roch Castle dates back to the 12th century when it was first built for the de Rupe family on a rocky outcrop. Its main purpose was to avoid a prophecy of Adam de Rupe being killed by a snake.

Unfortunately, this could not serve his purpose as he ultimately died by being bitten by a snake, who entered the castle hidden in a wood bundle. It was built on the then imaginary line “Landsker Line”, which crossed from the east to the west, dividing the much controversial Southern Wales, separating the English and Welsh-speaking Wales from each other. It is considered an important historic monument as it was passed down through generations and survived wars such as the Civil War. It also happens to be home to influential families of the past, such as the Walter family, that play an important role in English history.    

After being passed down from family to family and remaining dormant for quite some time for about two centuries, it found itself in the hands of the first Viscount, St David’s, in the 1900s, who redesigned its floors and added steel frames to it. It was finally restored and rebuilt by Keith Griffiths in 2008. He is considered the magic architect who transformed it into a blend of contemporary and erstwhile. It was bought by the Griffiths-Roch Foundation in 2008 and was opened as a five-star hotel for the public in 2013. 

Roch Castle Architecture

Roch Castle from the church
Roch Castle from the church”, by Jeff Gogarty, is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The famous Roch Castle Hotel has ancient stone architecture having five feet thick walls from the original stone with which it was built in the 12th century. Steel frames were later added along with the concrete floors, giving it a more modern and comfortable outlook. It is built on an outcrop with a beautiful view of the sunset. The rooms offer spectacular views of the sea and inlands across St Brides Bay. 

The interior of the Roch Castle Hotel focuses more on the stone architecture, which is its speciality and gives it a more contemporary look with added amenities like lounge room, TVs, and other necessities. The Hotel offers six bedrooms, and a bonus is the “Sun Room“, which is the most attractive part of the Hotel. Located on the 4th floor, it consists of a glass-sided modern-looking extension with a breathtaking view!

The interior of the rooms of the Roch Castle Hotel is well equipped with all modern necessities. It includes Sealy mattresses with hypo-allergenic Comforel topper, along with bathrooms that come with a separate bath and shower. Guests also have the luxury of the duvet, pillows, and 300-thread-count linens, providing maximum comfort and ensuring a fantastic stay.

The castle also consists of a Courtroom which is the main sitting room for the guests. It is embellished with a wonderful artwork collection and sofa set. 

Apart from that, the Hotel also offers free WiFi and parking to all its visitors. 

Nearby Places

Houses near Roch Castle
Houses near Roch Castle”, by Jeff Gogarty, is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The nearest tourist place to this Castle Hotel is the Pembrokeshire coast, which claims to be one of the most heavenly beaches. The tourists can also explore the Whitesands, located on the tip of the St David’s peninsula. 

They can also enjoy a game of Geocaching, a modernised form of the treasure-hunt game with a twist to take help from GPS devices and find hidden caches. Additionally, visitors can also enjoy Horseback Riding across the splendid fields surrounding the area. If nothing grabs their attention, they can switch to walking shoes and explore the beautiful woodland walk across Priskilly Forest. 


The rates for the rooms vary from £1,320 during the low season to £1,560 during high seasons such as new year’s eve, Christmas, and other festive seasons. 

How to Reach

One can easily reach the Roch Castle Hotel via public transport. The nearest international airport to Roch Castle is Cardiff Airport which is 105 miles away, whereas the nearest railway station is in the town of Haverfordwest, 7 miles from Roch Castle Hotel.


Make Roch Castle Hotel bookings right from your phone via the official website or find great deals on third-party travel sites such as booking.com, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Roch Castle?

Roch Castle is located in Roch, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, SA62 6AQ, United Kingdom and can be easily reached from the nearest public transport such as the airport and railways.

How many bedrooms does Roch Castle have?

Roch Castle comprises six bedrooms which can accommodate 12 people in double occupancy and six people in single occupancy.

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