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Muncaster Castle Ghost

Muncaster Castle is a beautiful privately owned estate located in the West-coastal part of Ravenglass, in Cumbria, England. But with beauty comes the mystery. And the most interesting ones are related to Muncaster Castle ghosts and deaths.

This castle has been owned by the Pennington family for more than 800 years, and many mysterious deaths have taken place in it ever since. Some of the mysteries are so confusing that no one has ever offered a genuine answer for them. The other unsolved mysterious story of the castle revolves around noticing Muncaster Castle ghost and experiencing paranormal activities by nearby people and visitors from time to time.

For years, this 13th-century estate has been a hot spot for worldwide ghost hunters. Numbers of strange and unexplained incidents have been taking place in the castle since its existence. Even many visitors have encountered Muncaster Castle ghosts within the walls and grounds of the estate, and its ghost stories are circulating all over the internet.

Muncaster Castle Ghost Stories

The White Lady Ghost of Muncaster Castle

The White Lady ghost has been seen many times in Muncaster Castle. It is believed to be the spirit of Mary Bragg, who served as a housekeeper in the castle in the early 1800s. Mary Bragg or Muncaster Boggle fell in love with Muncaster castle’s footman, but he only considered her a housemaid. However, she didn’t stop pursuing him.

Mary was on her way to meet a footman one night, but she was approached by two mysterious men. They told Mary that her lover was sick and wanted to have her on his side. She didn’t believe them; however, they took her forcefully to the other side of the road and murdered her. Even her body went missing at first and was found floating in the Esk River weeks later. Unfortunately, the body was in such a bad condition that identifying the reason behind her death was impossible.

Her ghost has been seen wandering in the castle gardens and local roads ever since. It is believed that she is still searching for her lover.

Tom Fool

One famous and mostly spotted Muncaster Castle ghost is Tom Fool. Tom Skelton or Tom Fool was a jester at the castle. He had a spiteful character that used to direct people towards quicksand when they used to ask for directions. It is also believed that Tom was behind the beheading of a local carpenter, who was killed for falling in love with Helwise, the daughter of Sir Ferdinand Pennington. He used to provide the information to the estate to increase his status.

Tom Fool died in 1600 for an unknown reason, and the current owners of the Muncaster Castle and visitors believed that he is still residing there. Many sinister activities that simply reflect his attributes take place in the castle from time to time. Even this Muncaster Castle ghost is heard and felt by people from time to time.

Tapestry Room Ghost

The Tapestry Room is considered the most haunted part of Muncaster castle. Many people have reported hearing a baby crying, and soft singing sounds in that part of the castle. It felt like a mother or nanny was consoling a baby. It has even been identified that the specific room was once the nursery.

In other reports about the Tapestry room, people have heard the weird rattling of the door handle and door opening sounds at night, footsteps, and dragging sounds. In addition, some visitors have mentioned seeing dark masses appearing and disappearing, feeling that someone is sitting with them on the bed, and the temperature drops.

Walls of the Castle

Many residents and visitors have also mentioned noticing strange events within the walls of the Muncaster castle. Some of them have mentioned hearing the footsteps behind them; no one was there when they checked. From time to time, unexplained sounds are heard from behind the walls. It is believed the spirit of Thomas Skeleton stays in the walls, and it haunts the people who seem cowardly to him.

Muncaster Castle Ghost stories are famous all over the world. The paranormal researchers and experts often visit the castle to identify the reason behind strange occurrences. However, none of them has provided a rational explanation for ghostly sightings.

It is hard to identify whether all stories related to the Muncaster Castle ghost are true or made up. So, take a trip inside to unfold the truth behind the spooky stories related to the castle’s history. The castle also organises the Muncaster castle ghost tours and special Halloween haunted events.

If you dare to make your UK trip thrilling, don’t forget to visit Muncaster Castle, the most haunted castle located in the heart of Cumbria.

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