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Dudley Castle Ghost

Dudley Castle is a ruined medieval castle that sits within 40 acres of the town’s land, shared with big gardens and Dudley Zoo. It was once the home of the Dudley Family, where the Robert Dudley of Elizabethans also belonged. Now, the castle is accessible to the public, and anyone can come and explore its fascinating design, history, backstories, and Dudley Castle ghost.

Built in 1071, Dudley Castle is regarded as the most haunted castle in England because numerous visitors have noticed paranormal activities during their Dudley Castle tour. The castle has always been linked with stories related to unexpected battles, tortures, murders, and tragedies. So, there is no surprise that it might have spirits of people who had experienced unforeseen deaths, which we now call Dudley Castle ghosts.

Dudley Castle Ghost Stories

1. A Little Drummer Boy:

It is believed that a drummer boy died in the castle during the Civil War, and his spirit has been wandering in the Dudley castle since then. He was killed by a single bullet that came out of 17th Century Musket, the most inaccurate firearm invented till now, during a Skirmish.

Many tourists and locals complain about hearing him banging away his drums at night. And the drum rolls sound more like there is a battle going on. Some have even spotted a black outline of a young boy standing near the castle’s gate. It is considered bad luck to hear or see his spirit because of his unfortunate death.

2. Chapel Undercroft:

Most people have noticed paranormal activities in the Chapel undercroft of Dudley Castle. It is an ancient room, which is believed to include once a stone coffin of John Somery, the castle’s most feared Lords. We have come across many incidents where people have reported seeing legs beside the coffin and believed that those are of John Somery.

During the Dudley Castle ghost tour, many people had reported feeling that their clothes had been tugged and their bodies were poked. Additionally, once a little girl was on the Dudley castle ghost hunt when her chair flipped paranormally. Another incident reported was capturing a dark shadow figure, probably the Dudley Castle Ghost, on the camera.

Visitors of the castle have also mentioned hearing grinding sounds coming from the chapel, and it stopped when the investigation started. That’s why most visitors avoid going near the Chapel area during the Dudley castle ghost tour.

3. The Grey Lady Ghost:

Grey Lady Dudley Castle Ghost
Grey Lady Dudley Castle Ghost”, by anthony kelly, is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The most reported ghost in Dudley Castle is the Grey Lady. It is believed to be the spirit of Dorothy Beaumont, who was the former resident of the castle and lived there for many years and gave birth to a daughter. Unfortunately, in 164, the daughter was born dead. Due to a sudden shock and various health complications, Dorothy died shortly.

Due to the unfortunate death, it is believed that her spirit is still wandering in the castle and its ground. Also, some people have mentioned that she asked for a death bed and to get buried beside her daughter as her last wish, but it was not granted. Therefore, her spirit continues to suffer, and it couldn’t rest to date.

This Dudley Castle Ghost has been captured in many pictures of the castle keep and the pub. Due to this reason, these castle areas are together named Grey Lady Tavern. Since the castle has opened for visitors, many have reported hearing unexplained sounds, alarms going off at night for no reason, unexpected drops in temperature, and strange blue mists.

4. Two Elderly People’s Ghost:

In 1930, a guide and two visitors noticed two older adults dressed in 17th or 18th-century clothes appear in front of them. They were holding each other’s hands, and the man held a walking stick and a tall hat in his other hand. They came and disappeared. After that, many other visitors reported noticing this Dudley Castle ghost.

Dudley Castle sits in the Dudley town of the Black Country, the land of many haunted locations. Visitors always report perceiving many paranormal activities and unexceptional mowing of the cats in the castle. Even people who stay nearby feel hesitant to go near the castle.

You may or may not have heard about Dudley Castle, but if you like thrills and goosebumps and want to make your UK trip unforgettable, you must check it out once. You can even be a part of the Dudley Castle ghost hunt event and make your trip adventurous.

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