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Berry Pomeroy Castle Ghost

Berry Pomeroy Castle is located in Berry Pomeroy village of South Devon and overlooks the deep, wooded Gatcombe Brook valley. It was built in the late 15th century as a mansion of the Pomeroy family, owner of the castle land since the 11th century. Since its existence, it has been counted as a backdrop for mysterious tales of paranormal activities. Villagers have constantly reported encountering the Berry Pomeroy Castle ghost.

The Berry Pomeroy Castle had a rich heritage and passed through generations and different owners. Each of them had experienced ghostly activities taking place on the property. Even the castle remained untouched for more than a hundred years before it finally became a famous tourist destination. And there is no denying that a vacant site attracts spirits. Many tourists have reported experiencing paranormal activities and castle ghosts during their visit. Even some have shared pictures of Berry Pomeroy Castle Ghosts online.

Berry Pomeroy Castle Ghost Stories

The Guard Ghost

People who have visited the castle at night have encountered Guard Ghost. Even a person had shared his Berry Pomeroy Castle ghost story on the internet. He mentioned that he, his two friends, and their dog went to the castle at about 11 pm one day, where they noticed a bright light coming out of the slit window. Even their dog seemed anxious at that moment.

They mentioned that the lighting was so bright that it lit up most of the windows near the main entrance. When they went there to check, thinking that someone might be messing up with them, they noticed a figure dressed like a guard standing about 10 feet away and staring at them. And even they could see the behind walls through the figure. It started moving towards them and then gave them an evil grin when they mentioned, ‘Let’s get out of here now!’. Then it backed away from the window.

It is not clear whether it’s a made-up Berry Pomeroy castle ghost story or real, but after that, many people have mentioned seeing the light from the castle’s window at night.

The Kitchen Ghost

It is believed that the kitchen of the Berry Pomeroy castle is most haunted. Many visitors have reported getting a bad feeling at that part of the castle. It hasn’t been renovated for centuries and already has shell-like vibes. But people have felt things moving in there but couldn’t actually see where it was coming from.

Additionally, during a ghost castle investigation, a person had felt that something had pushed hard against his leg, and he fell over. When he lit up his torch, he noticed a glass there. Later, he heard a loud scream echoing in the castle and sensed that the sound was coming from above. When he looked up, he noticed something falling at him speedily. It was a hammer. He dodged it up, and it buried itself inside the floor. When they checked above them, it was nothing. He was scared and decided to leave.

Isabelle Ghost

Isabelle was the child of Berry Pomeroy, and visitors have mentioned noticing a child’s ghost at the top of the main building. This Berry Pomeroy castle ghost is considered the scariest.

A person has shared his encounter story with Isabelle ghost in the castle. One day, he decided to go to the castle’s basement with a few friends. When they looked up, they noticed a ghostly figure of a child. They knew there was no way to go to that shell of the castle part, so seeing someone there was unusual. However, one of his friends decided to mess up with the ghost, which upset her. They started sensing an unpleasant icy cold sensation around them. That feeling stayed with them in their car and even when they reached back at their place.

Daytime Ghost

More than 80% of Berry Pomeroy Castle ghosts have been seen during the daytime. And most times, a man was noticed on the other side of the garden dressed like a hay-day. One day, a person decided to wave at him, where the hay-day man stopped, looked at him, and disappeared. Even a couple of other people present there witnessed the same incident.

The Deafening Nighttime Ghost

Many people have reported hearing weird shrieks at night, mostly from the other side of the field. Even some have heard shrieks but couldn’t see anything.

Some others have mentioned noticing a glowing figure of an old lady in front of St. Margaret’s Tower. Once, a group of 20 people entered this tower at 12:50 am and noticed this castle ghost and heard her say ‘Beware of the hour’ late at night. They mentioned that she stayed there after saying this. At exactly 1 am, the ghost vanished, but they still heard a horrifying shriek. Later, they noticed the wooden main gate shaking in front of them. They all ran away from there.

However, there is no evidence that this incident was true or not, but traces of this Berry Pomeroy Castle ghost have been encountered many times.

The haunted basement - Berry Pomeroy Castle
The haunted basement – Berry Pomeroy Castle”, by Glen Bowman, is licensed under CC BY 2.0

As per the English Heritage guidebook, Berry Pomeroy Castle is recognized as one of the most haunted castles in England. Besides the ghosts mentioned above, villagers and tourists had reported noticing other Berry Pomeroy Castle ghosts, including Rampart Walk Guard ghosts, white lady ghost, blue lady ghost, Romany slave girl, and more.

The best way to decide whether this castle is actually haunted or not is to visit it yourself. Berry Pomeroy Castle is open for tourists, and anyone can visit it. You can plan a trip to this castle and share your experience and castle ghost encounter story with us.

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