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Lumley Castle Ghost

Listed as one of the beautiful castles of England, the passages and halls of the charismatic Lumley Castle have been haunted to the hilt for 600 years. Lumley Castle Ghost is known as Lily of Lumley, the lady of the manor. But she is not the only ghost who haunts these walls. As Lumley Castle is a 14th Century manor house turned castle in the County of Durham, North East of England, it presents the perfect spooky backdrop for strange paranormal activities.

Lumley Castle Ghost Stories

Lumley Castle is haunted by the spirit of Lily, who two priests supposedly murdered as she had declined to follow the Catholic beliefs. It has been accounted that she was thrown into a well on the castle grounds to drown and die. In fear of being caught, they lied to her husband Ralph Lumley by saying she left the castle to become a nun. It is believed that her tragic death has caused hauntings of the castle. It has also been reported that her ghost emerged out of the well going through the castle’s walls. Guests and staff have given testament that she often wanders the halls and frightens the visitors.

However, Lily is not the only castle ghost responsible for spooking the castle. Lumley Castle Ghost Black Jack is a troublesome spirit who pranks the guests and staff. Strange activities like sliding glasses off the table and objects moving around on their own have been reported to be the work of Black Jack. Many accounts of children being heard talking, screaming, and laughing have been heard, likely to have originated from the castle’s top floor.

Even though there have been many stories involving the castle ghost where some believe them while some choose not to. However, some bizarre stories significantly add to the credibility of these stories because they come from eminent sports personalities who have felt eerie in the castle. So much so that some even fled in the middle of the night because they could not handle the strange happenings around the house.

One such sportsperson who shared his experience after staying at the castle was Sourav Ganguly, former captain of the Indian Cricket Team. He recalled that during the 2002 NatWest series while residing in the castle with his team, he experienced a strange occurrence that still makes him shudder. After practice, he went back to his room to rest but could not sleep because he was constantly hearing the sound of the tap running in the bathroom. When he got up to check, he saw that the tap was off. This happened twice, and the sound was still audible. He then switched the lights on as it was starting to feel spooky but could not bring himself to sleep. He was so terrified of the incident that he ran out of the room to sleep with a teammate.

The first time that the Lumley Castle Ghost spooked the cricketers was during England’s 2001 West Indies tour. The West Indies captain at that time, Jimmy Adams, revealed that three players of West Indies checked out before the night of the match at Chester-le-Street to stay at another hotel with their own expenses because they were so terrified.

Another incident occurred during the Ashes 2005 series when the Australian All-rounder and opener Shane Watson felt something strange in his room. Shane felt the presence of someone else in his room, after which he was so frightened that he slept in his teammate Brett Lee’s room.

Lumley Castle Ghost has been part of many ghost stories circling the castle’s reputation, but one can only be sure when one really goes there to experience the horror themselves. If you visit the castle, you will get the opportunity to visit the Lily Lumley-themed Escape Room, where you can solve mysteries as an investigator. The plot is to solve your way through the ancient atmospheric rooms, discover the secrets of Lily and free her from the curse put on her to escape a deadly fate. This Escape Room is one of the United Kingdom’s most technologically advanced horror-mystery rooms that provides a truly immersive experience.

Lumley Castle Ghost: south front
Lumley Castle: south front”, by John Sutton, is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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