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Tantallon Castle Ghost

Have you heard the stories about the Tantallon Castle ghost? Tantallon Castle is a medieval castle built in the 14th century that sits in the east of North Berwick, Scotland. In 1651, the castle was badly ruined when Oliver Cromwell’s forces attacked it. And since then, it has stood in semi-ruined conditions. As this castle has been a part of battles, many people lost their lives being a part of them. Ever since it is believed that the spirits of those people are still wandering in the castle. Some people have also captured pictures of the Tantallon Castle ghost.

Tantallon Castle is filled with mysteries and bloodthirsty battle stories. It is a tourist destination where people can experience its rich history. However, many tourists have reported getting an undesirable chilling sensation during their visits. Some have witnessed the ghostly figures dressed up in medieval clothing, called castle ghosts. Ghost Investigators have also proved that there is something paranormal present in this castle.

Tantallon Castle Ghost Stories

Tantallon Castle is famous for its unnamed spirits. Tourists have mentioned encountering Tantallon castle ghosts during their visit from time to time. Even some of them have shared the pictures where the ghost is captured.

Incident 1:

In May 2008, Christopher Aitchison shared an image on the internet where you can clearly see a figure peeking outside the ruined window of the Tantallon Castle. It was wearing ruffled and centuries-old clothing, which is hard to find today. There was no mannequin or costumed guide present in the castle when the picture was taken.

The experts have confirmed that there were no digital alterations done in the picture shared by the person. And it is hard to identify who is in the picture. When asked the person, he mentioned that he was unaware that anyone was present in the castle while clicking the picture. However, when he went home and looked into the picture by zooming in, he noticed the Tantallon castle ghost.

It is still a mystery who was present at the location at that moment. The picture captured by Mr Aitchison is considered the most haunted castle ghost picture present on the internet.

Incident 2:

A similar image was captured more than 30 years ago in the castle by Grace Lamb. She was a retired office worker who went to the Tantallon castle with her family. She captured many pictures with his family there, but a strange figure was clearly visible in one picture. It seemed like a normal picture initially, but when she zoomed in, it appeared to be some kind of apparition near one of the castle’s windows. She mentioned that the figure looked mysterious to her, but she never thought of getting it examined until reading Professor Wiseman’s study.

Professor Wiseman has investigated the original picture and mentioned that it had not been digitally altered, and something was present.

Incident 3:

In another incident, two friends were raising a drink to the camera near the castle. When they checked the clicked pictures, a ghostly third figure was present in its background. They mentioned that the face of that ghostly figure looked like he was wearing a ‘Halloween Monster Mask’. However, there are chances that the mysterious figure in the photograph could be unusual shadows forming due to the castle’s ruins. Also, there are chances that another tourist was standing at some height near the castle when the picture was taken, and its shadow gave the ghostly effect.

The haunting photographs of the Tantallon castle ghosts are still a mystery. Even though many images of Tantallon castle ghosts are available on the internet, not everyone agrees that the castle is haunted. Many people think that it is just an ordinary person standing near the window carrying shopping bags. Some think that it’s just a shadow in the picture.

So what do you think about it? Do you believe all the sceptics who think ghosts don’t exist? Don’t believe everything you hear. Take a visit to Tantallon castle and find the mystery behind the Tantallon castle ghost yourself.

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