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Carew Castle Ghost

Carew Castle is a Norman castle built by Gerald De Windsor in the 1100s. It has a fair share of history, surrounded by tragic events and a dark and sinister past. And many castle tales wander around unlawful killings and executions. No one out of them got a proper funeral, and their spirits are still believed to be wandering in the castle. This is why the castle is known to be a paranormal hotspot. No doubt, many people have experienced the presence of Carew Castle Ghost during their visit.

After being damaged during the English Civil War, the Carew Castle has been left ruined. No human resides in the castle, but a couple of castle ghosts have been encountered in it. From dramatic temperature changes to hearing strange sounds of crying, visitors have reported their different Carew Castle ghost stories.

Carew Castle reflection
Carew Castle reflection”, by David Sinclair, is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Carew Castle Ghost Stories

Carew Castle Ghost Ape

Carew Castle was the home of Sir Roland Rhys in the 17th century. His son ran away with the daughter of a Flemish Merchant, Horowitz. In full anger, the merchant confronted Roland at Carew Castle. Roland was petting his ape at that time. Terrifyingly, his ape mauled terribly at the merchant. Somehow he managed to escape with his life; however, he cursed Roland and wished he also suffered the same fate and got killed by the same ape beast.

The same day, Roland’s servants heard the dreadful screams coming from his chamber. They rushed towards it and found his body surrounded by blood. His throat was ripped, and his ape was dead beside him. It’s still a mystery how Roland and his ape died. However, the Carew castle ghost ape is sometimes seen climbing the stairwells towards the battlements. Also, some visitors reported hearing terrifying screams across the castle grounds.

Carew Castle White Lady Ghost

The White Lady is the most reported ghost of Carew Castle. It is believed to be the ghost of Princess Nest, the Helen of Wales, who was famous for her beauty and charm. In 1100, an Anglo-Norman Baron, Gerald of Windsor, married Princess Nest. And the land on which Carew Castle is located was gifted to him as a part of the dowry. They both built the castle together, and by 1109, they gave birth to five children.

In 1109, the Owain ap Cadwgan, the son of the Welsh Prince, attacked the castle. To save himself, Gerald escaped the castle, leaving Nest behind. Owain drew towards Nest’s beauty and decided not to kill her. Six years later, Gerald reclaimed his honour in battle and killed Owain. He retrieved his wife, who had two more children by Owain by that time.

After the death of Gerald, shortly after his win in the battle, Nest married Stephen, castellan of Cardigan. With him, she had several more children. She lived a royal life; however, she was not satisfied within. She died shortly in 1136, and since then, her spirit has been constantly seen in the castle, mostly drifting in the halls, corridors, and stairwells. People call her ghost as White Lady.

Carew Castle Ghost Hunt

Carew Castle also organises Ghost hunts, but they are not for weak-hearted people. Check out the upcoming Carew Castle ghost hunt events:

Carew Castle Ghost Hunt- Pembrokeshire by Eventbrite

Event Includes:

  • Exploring Castle and Grounds at night
  • Use of equipment and techniques, including Table tipping, K2 metres, and Oujia boards during the investigation
  • Complimentary light snacks and beverages
  • Access to mediums/sensitives and experience automatic writing

Date and Timing:

14th May 2022, 8 pm to 15th May 2022, 2 am.


£43.73 per person

Note: No under 18s or anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs is allowed. It might not be suitable for people with mobility issues.

Carew Castle Pembrokeshire Ghost Hunt by Paranormal Eye UK

Event Includes:

  • Exploring Grounds and Castle at night
  • A guided Carew Castle ghost tour
  • Working in small groups
  • Use of different equipment and techniques for ghost investigation
  • Spiritual Medium investigation
  • Complimentary light snacks and beverages

Date and Timing:

4th June 2022, 9 pm to 5th June 2022, 2 am.


£49.00 per person

Note: Please bring your torch and wear suitable footwear. The location is only suitable for 18+ and for people with no mobility issues.

The Carew Castle is available to be hired overnight by groups and organisations to carry out castle ghost investigations. If you are willing to add thrill to your night stays and celebrations, you can think about hiring the castle or simply being a part of the Carew Castle ghost hunt.

Carew Castle, still owned by the Carew family, is haunted by several ghosts, and visitors constantly experience paranormal activities happening around them. The Celtic warrior is haunting the undercroft of the castle, and the ghost of the kitchen boy is responsible for hearing the constant clanking sounds of pots and pans. A white lady has been witnessed drifting from room to room, and the ghost of raged ape has been seen near the stairs. This castle not just allows you to experience the history but also its sinister side.

You can plan your visit to the Carew Castle or simply become a part of the Carew Castle ghost tour and make your trip to Wales exciting.

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