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Langley Castle Ghost

Built in 1350 by Sir Thomas De Lucy, Langley Castle hotel hides more than just history within its walls. It hides a paranormal entity, Langley Castle Ghost, that even inspired J.K. Rowling to include the ghosts’ Moaning Myrtle’ and ‘The Grey Lady’ into her stories. Langley Castle is Northumberland’s second most haunted hotel, where guests have experienced the strangest of incidences.

Langley Castle Ghost Stories

The castle ghost that haunts the castle is ‘The Grey Lady,’ who is believed to be Maud De Lucy, the widow of Sir Thomas. The more widely known story about Langley Castle Ghost is that she stood at the highest window and kept a watchful eye for her husband to return safe and sound from war. One day, she received the news that she dreaded the most. Her husband was killed in a battle at Shrewsbury. She was so devastated by the news that she threw herself from the same window where she had spent weeks keeping watch for her husband. Since that day, the apparition of the castle ghost has been seen throughout the castle by the staff and guests alike.

People who have been in her presence describe her as wearing grey and uncontrollably sobbing while muttering her beloved husband’s name. Those who have followed her claim that if you follow the castle ghost to the window from where she threw herself, right before she jumps, she looks back with her face stained with tears and unexpectedly vanishes. A scared guest in 2014 reported that he woke up to see what he believed was an apparition who stood at the bottom of his bed.

However, genealogical research of the De Lucy family has made hotel staff question the true identity of the mysterious ‘Grey Lady.’ The ghost castle staff have discovered that Sir Thomas de Lucy had two wives. He married again after the death of his first wife, Margaret. Records reveal that he married Agnes de Beaumont, a relative of Edward III. Her birth year is said to have been 1323, but her death is shrouded in mystery. This has raised the burning question of whether ‘The Grey Lady’ has been wrongly named Maud and if she is, in fact, Agnes.

Conclusion of Langley Castle Ghost

Langley Castle Ghost
Langley Castle in Winters, by Peter McDermott, is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The hotel is presently appealing to genealogy and history experts to help it determine the truth hidden in the walls of the ghost castle for centuries. They might be able to explain more clearly about her and why she might be suffering such uncontrollable sorrow. In the meantime, the castle ghost has not stopped scaring the wits out of the guests and staff. What can be the truth behind the Langley Castle Ghost? Would you dare to visit the ghost castle to discover the truth yourself?

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