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Leap Castle Ghosts

Before jumping into Leap Castle Ghost stories, let’s first read the background story of this haunted Irish castle.

Located in Coolderry, County Offaly, in Ireland, Leap Castle is reportedly one of the world’s most haunted castles and has a long history of legends and hauntings. One of the reasons why the Irish Castle is haunted can be because numerous people were imprisoned and executed in the castle. Leap Castle was built in the 15th century for the ruling clan of the O’Carrolls by the O’Bannon family. Having a long and bloody history, it is not surprising that the castle hides ghost stories within itself that shock and amaze the visitors. The ghost sightings in the castle have been so explicit that TV shows including Scariest Places On Earth, Ghost Hunters International, Most Haunted, and Ghost Adventures have featured it on numerous occasions.

Leap Castle Ghost Stories

view from the chapel- Leap Castle Ghost
View from the chapel”, by Corey Taratuta, is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The Bloody Chapel

A Leap Castle Ghost Story that changed how we perceive the castle is about the fierce rivalry between two brothers, Thaddeus and Teige, in the O’Carroll clan. 

Thaddeus was a priest. One day, as he was holding a mass for the family, the other brother suddenly burst in through the door and plunged a sword into Thaddeus. He died instantaneously, and the chapel is now called ‘The Bloody Chapel.’ 

The ghost of Thaddeus is believed to still haunt the Bloody Chapel and some of the rooms below. But Thaddeus wasn’t the only death to have happened in the castle.

The Oubliette

The McMahon family was invited to a celebratory feast after defeating a mutual enemy clan. Seizing the opportunity, the O’Carrolls decided to poison their guests during what should have been a victory celebration. The O’Neil clan met the same fate, and so have many others.

Interestingly, in the 1920s, an oubliette was discovered hidden behind a wall in the Bloody Chapel during renovations. It was revealed then that the O’Carrolls were behind many more deaths. Skeletons impaled on spikes were discovered lying at the base of the Oubliette, and enough human remains were taken out to fill three carts.

Although, it was also revealed that a pocket watch from the mid-1800s was discovered, giving the idea that it may not have just been the O’Carrolls who were using the Oubliette.

The Darby Family

Another such Leap Castle Ghost Story linked to history is about the Darby family. In the era of the Darbys, Captain Darby had amassed quite a wealth, and according to legends, he hid treasures around the property. Eventually, he was arrested for treason and imprisoned in Dublin.

During his imprisonment, he drove insane, and when released, he attempted to find his treasures only to have forgotten where he buried them. His ghost is believed to be roaming the castle grounds, still looking for his lost treasure.

The Priest’s House

The paranormal activities observed in the castle have terrified many visitors. One such incident includes shadows being seen wandering the Priest’s House. The Priest’s House has been empty since the burning of the house in 1922.

However, a burly man has been seen pulling a heavy barrel up the castle stairs, and when he gets to the top, suddenly the barrel rolls down, and then both the man and the barrel disappear.

The Red Lady

Another Leap Castle Ghost who has suffered great atrocities in the castle is ‘The Red Lady.’ Many visitors have encountered her on their castle visits.

The story passed on through the years is that ‘The Red Lady’ is the ghost of a woman who was captured and raped by the O’Carrolls, and when she got pregnant, the O’Carrolls killed the baby. In despair, she killed herself. Since then, ‘The Red Lady’ has been seen carrying a dagger, menacingly raised as if wanting to stab someone.

Emily and Charlotte

Two young girls, called Emily and Charlotte, have also been seen and heard playing in Leap Castle. Castle visitors have often seen them playing in the hallway and running up and down the stairs.

Emily died at the age of 11 when she fell from the battlements. Many visitors have seen her ghost falling from the castle and disappearing just before hitting the ground. The ghost of Charlotte has been seen dragging her deformed legs behind her. Experiencing these instances on your castle visit would reinstate your belief in the paranormal!

The Elemental

Even though many spirits haunt the castle, the most horrid and scariest of them is ‘The Elemental.’ This spirit predates many families who have resided in Leap Castle.

Some theories suggest that the apparition named the Elemental potentially dates back to the time of the Druids. During this time, people used sorcery to protect the sacred land, on which Leap Castle was then built. Others believe that Gerald Fitzgerald, Earl of Kildare and an accomplished magic practitioner, is responsible for invoking this spirit in a bid to take the castle.

Either way, ‘The Elemental’ is a menacing and sinister presence that only makes itself known to those who provoke it.

Leap Castle Ghost Adventures

On their renowned Ghost Adventures, Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin travel to Ireland on a mission to investigate the 730-year-old Leap Castle and the home of the Irish Hell-Fire Club. Aaron believes that he’s been attacked by the devil when an unseen force claws his ear in the castle. True or Not? Find out the truth on your visit to the Leap Castle. And don’t say that we didn’t you when you encounter the Leap Castle Ghost!

Summary of Leap Castle Ghosts

Today, Sean Ryan and his family privately own Leap Castle and have significantly confirmed the presence of supernatural residing in the home alongside them. However, they have also expressed that they have experienced no sinister apparitions during their inhabitation. Do you believe the Leap Castle Ghost stories? Would you dare visit the castle and find the truth on your own?

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