Nunney Castle

Nunney Castle Ghost

Nunney Castle ghost stories and tragic housing tales surround the moated castle. Sir John De La Mere built Nunney Castle in the 1370s.

Sir John was a local knight who used to enjoy royal favours. He was not very wealthy, but after building Nunney Castle, he was able to flaunt his power within Somerset. Later, in the 16th century, Richard Prater, a rich man from London, added a modernised touch to the castle. The possession of the castle remained with the Prater family until the Civil War, but in 1645, it was besieged by the Parliamentarian cannon. In 1910, the castle collapsed, but its remains are there to explore.

Many visitors have mentioned experiencing paranormal activities and Nunney castle ghosts. Some of the investigators who visited the castle reported feeling a mysterious presence around them.

Nunney Castle Ghost Stories

In 2011, a Twilight Shadows Paranormal team group conducted a paranormal investigation at this ghost castle and found something strange. When they visited the castle, it looked majestic and peaceful to them. But when they entered the castle’s premises, they sensed the presence of an extra person in the group. They kept on counting, and each time it felt that there were seven people instead of six.

One of the group members felt that someone was attached to him from the beginning. Also, he mentioned that when he spent time alone in the chambered long barrow of the Nunney castle, he felt someone else’s presence. He also felt someone holding on to his shoulders and pushing him down before he regrouped with his team near the entrance.

On the same day, Jacky, another member of the Paranormal team, felt that someone was looking down at them from one of the windows upstairs. Another group member confirmed by saying, “We are being watched”. Later, she also felt a tingling sensation on her palms, which was a clear indication of the presence of the castle ghost within her aura.

Nunney castle and church yard
Nunney Castle and Church yard, by Neil Owen, is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

In the same Nunney castle ghost investigation, the paranormal team heard strange noises, a single bell tolling from the historic church located near the castle, weird sounds made by the pigeons nesting inside the castle, sensing a strange whisper in their ear, and footsteps close to them. An unwanted external presence was clearly felt. After all these incidents, they decided to depart the location.

Many people have reported seeing a middle-aged man dressed up as a hitchhiker on the road that leads to the castle. When the driver or someone else comes out of their car to help the man, he disappears without a trace. A few drivers have also spoken about giving a ride to the hitchhiker; however, he would vanish before reaching the destination. It is also believed that the same phantom hitchhiker has been seen in the Nunney Castle.

South tower interior of Nunney Castle
South tower interior, by Michael Garlick, is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The Nunney Castle has been rumoured to host several witch trials in the past. And a ghost of one lady, accused of being a witch in the 1730s, still roams on the grounds and corridors of the ruined Nunney castle. It is believed that the older woman, whose castle ghost has been encountered, was killed by a water ordeal located up the Frome road. Because of an unexpected death, her spirit is still wandering in this castle.

Nunney Castle is the house of paranormal activities and a favourite location for ghost investigators. Even though it is ruined completely, it is still open for visitors to explore. You can visit the castle and inspect whether the Nunney castle ghost exists or not yourself. And don’t forget to share your ghost encountering story with us.

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