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Dover Castle Ghosts

The magnificent Dover Castle dates back to over 2000 years and stands by England’s southeastern coast. Much of the castle was built under King Henry II. More than its glory, however, it’s the Dover Castle ghosts that catch the attention. Since the castle was largely used for defence since World War II, the castle ghosts from various spans of time are said to haunt the site to date.

Dover Castle Ghost Stories

Legend has it that a young drummer boy was killed in one of the castle’s underground passages during the Napoleonic Wars. The issue was regarding a large sum of money which his assailants took away and decapitated the boy. This is why the ghost is said to haunt the castle without its head. His spirit has been heard countless times beating his drum.

An American couple also reported hearing cries and screams for help at the castle, all of which they initially thought were phenomenally realistic sound effects. They applauded the castle’s Visitor Experience Team when they were told that there were no such arrangements at the castle. 

Another incident is that of a pair of television researchers who heard a scream from above themselves as if someone had just jumped off the parapet. Thinking that it was someone committing suicide from above, they moved away. The screams, however, went quiet after a while, but nobody touched the ground.

For no apparent reason, sudden drops in temperature and whispering voices in late hours are some of the many hauntings experienced on the site.

Dover Castle Ghost Hunts

Secret corridors, old pathways, and many new attributes add to the castle’s beauty. The castle actively holds really adventurous ghost hunts with guidance. Spirit boards, K2 rods, sensory equipment, and many others are taken along the hunts.

A team of experienced investigators stroll along with the visitors and guide them as to what would be the best location for a particular ghost-catching equipment. 

Young and old visitors are taken care of by the investigators even during the nighttime, and ginger wine or mead is offered as a warm welcome to the castle. Visitors, many times, are also offered to have some soup in the NAAFI canteen before they go on walking the grounds.

Having had about five ghosts haunting its walls, Dover castle has rightfully earned the title of being “England’s most haunted castle”. With the many aforementioned spooky spirits and some spirits peaceful enough to only make an appearance and not haunt the visitors, the ghost castle makes for the perfect spot to spend moments adventurously at.

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