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Dalhousie Castle Ghost

Making it to the top of the list as one of the most haunted places in Edinburgh, Dalhousie Castle hosts a series of ghost tours for visitors to experience the bizarre activities. Dalhousie Castle Ghost stories feature two important ghosts who have graced these walls for centuries and have had tragic ends causing them to haunt the castle and its residents. The Earls of Dalhousie, namely, the chieftains of Clan Ramsay, have held the castle for almost 800 years, contributing to the authenticity of the existence of paranormal activities in the castle. The stunningly luxurious castle hotel hosts a bevy of ghost activities to enrapture the guests as well as chill their spines.

Dalhousie Castle Ghost Stories

Several ghosts are believed to be roving the halls of Dalhousie Castle, but the most frequent and famously seen ghost in the castle is The Grey Lady. The Grey Lady is the moniker of the 16-year-old mistress of one of the Ramsay lairds, Lady Catherine. However, when his wife found out about the affair, she imprisoned Catherine in one of the towers and left her to starve to her death. She now haunts the towers, the stairs, the main corridor, and the dungeons in the castle.

Dalhousie Castle Ghost, dungeon
Dalhousie Castle, dungeon”, by LornaMCampbell, is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Many guests have claimed to have heard the rustling of Catherine’s dress, knocking on doors and tapping on the shoulders of the guests. Guests have often seen the castle ghost sitting at the end of a bed while passing through the halls. Many people have mistaken her for staff with her grey dress with puffed-up sleeves, sharp features, and tiny feet in little pointed shoes. The Grey Lady was also believed to have graced many weddings in her usual attire. She was captured in a picture from a wedding in 2004 and has been seen stalking the corridors and turrets by the castle piper Andrew Sharp. Many accounts from guests and staff claim that she hates the bagpipe music as whenever she is near, bagpipes have been heard to play out of tune.

Phantom activities are so extensive at the castle hotel that ghost tours have been scheduled at regular intervals in Dalhousie Castle, allowing individuals to experience some of the eerie occurring themselves. Many have claimed that the Dalhousie Castle Ghosts mind their own business and are harmless. However, guests who were not even a part of ghost tours have also encountered bizarre activities, including unexplained noises, movement of objects, and footsteps in the night that has left them mystified.

Even though the ghosts are perceived to be harmless and friendly by staff and guests, few were positively chilled when The Grey Lady waved at them from a window or having heard sudden unprecedented noises. The only conclusion that can be extracted about the castle is that seeing the Dalhousie Castle Ghost and wandering the castle’s corridors requires guts. Would you dare to go and experience the otherworldly?

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