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7 Most Haunted Castles in Ireland

Embark on a spine-chilling journey through Ireland’s misty hills and ancient ruins as we explore the legendary tales of 7 of the most haunted castles in Ireland. Brace yourself for ghostly apparitions, eerie whispers in the dark, and the lingering presence of centuries-old spirits. From the iconic LeapHaunted Castle with its grim history to the spectral Lady in White haunting the halls of Charleville Castle, these paranormal hotspots will send shivers down your spine.

7 Haunted Castles in Ireland

Here are the 7 most haunted castles in Ireland:

  1. Leap Castle, County Offaly (1)

Welcome to Leap Castle, where the echoes of horror stories resonate through its centuries-old halls. One of its most infamous tales revolves around the sinister “Bloody Chapel.” Legend has it that during a family feud, a ruthless murder occurred within the chapel’s sacred walls, staining them with blood and leaving behind a lingering presence of darkness. It is said that the spirits of those who met a tragic end still haunt the chapel, their tormented souls forever trapped within its confines.

But the horrors of Leap Castle do not end there. Another eerie figure has sent shivers down the spines of all who have encountered it – the malevolent entity known as the “Elemental.” Described as a shadowy, shape-shifting creature, the Elemental exudes an aura of pure malevolence. Locals believe this spectral being is a manifestation of the haunted castle’s violent past, a creature that exists to torment and terrify.

Leap Castle by Mike Searle is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Whilst most medieval castles in Ireland have been turned into castle hotels these days, Leap Castle still sits abandoned because of its horrific past. 

But despite its bone-chilling tales, Leap Castle remains an irresistible lure for those who seek thrills and a brush with the supernatural. Its history is etched into its foundations, and its haunted corridors beckon the courageous and the curious.

  1. Kilkea Castle, Kildare

Deep within the ancient walls of Kilkea Castle, a chilling tale of horror and despair unfolds. Within the timeless walls of Kilkea Castle, a spectral figure known as the “Wizard Earl” haunts the corridors, adding an air of mystery and enchantment to this historic fortress. The Wizard Earl, also known as Gerald FitzGerald, was a nobleman deeply involved in the occult arts and alchemy. His quest for arcane knowledge and mystical powers consumed him, leading him down a path that would forever bind his spirit to Kilkea Castle.

Kilkea Castle by dougf is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Legend tells of the Wizard Earl’s spectral apparition, said to ride out from the Castle in the dead of night every 7 years, galloping over the windswept plains of the Curragh on a magnificent white stallion whose hooves glint with silver.

  1. Ballygally Castle, Belfast (2)

Nestled along the stunning Antrim coastline of Northern Ireland, Ballgally Castle stands as a picturesque fortress with a haunting past. As you step into its enchanting grounds, you’ll find yourself immersed in a tale of love, betrayal, and restless spirits. Legend has it that Lady Isabella, a young bride of the castle, met a tragic fate on her wedding night. Struck by fear, she leapt from the window, falling to her untimely demise. Since then, her spirit is said to roam the castle, clad in a flowing white gown, forever seeking justice and wandering the halls in eternal sorrow.

Yet, despite its spectral inhabitants, Ballgally Castle exudes an undeniable charm. Its rugged stone walls and panoramic sea views provide a captivating backdrop for those seeking beauty and intrigue.

  1. Cabra Castle, Cavan

In the shadowed history of Cabra Castle, a tragic tale of love and heartbreak unfolds. In the 1780s, a young nobleman of the haunted castle fell deeply in love with a servant girl named Sarah. However, their forbidden romance enraged his disapproving family, who harboured a cruel secret. One fateful night, they ruthlessly snatched Sarah from her slumber, her unborn child still nestled within her. They callously hung her lifeless body from the nearby bridge, silencing her forever.

Legend has it that the anguished cries of a weeping infant echo through the castle’s aged walls, a haunting reminder of the lost child and the broken bond between mother and babe. The forlorn wails pierce the silence, a haunting lament of loneliness and sorrow that resonates within the castle’s depths. It is said that those who listen carefully can catch a glimpse of the spectral figure of Sarah, forever searching for her stolen child.

  1. Dunguaire Castle, Galway

Ensconced along the breathtaking shores of Galway Bay in Ireland, Dunguaire Castle is a majestic sentinel shrouded in a captivating blend of history and supernatural intrigue. While it is renowned for its connections to literature and the arts, the haunting tale of the castle’s benevolent spirits truly sets it apart.

Within the walls of Dunguaire Castle, a story of extraordinary encounters unfolds. The castle is said to be home to a group of friendly spirits, benevolent souls who have found eternal solace within its ancient confines. Legend has it that during a feast hosted by the High King of Connaught, Guaire, the food intended for the king miraculously flew from the plates to the nearby altar of hermit Saint Colman in the Connemara mountains. This event immortalized the king’s reputation for generosity and gave birth to the enduring presence of the castle’s good spirits, which are said to haunt its halls today.

  1. Malahide Castle, Dublin

Malahide Castle has a haunting tale that lingers within its ancient walls. Legends speak of a court jester named Huck, who fell in love with a noblewoman and paid a tragic price for his affection. As Huck lay dying, he vowed to haunt the castle for eternity. Centuries later, during Cromwell’s time, Miles Corbett seized the castle and committed terrible acts, desecrating the abbey. But justice prevailed when Charles II was restored to power, and Corbett met a grisly fate—hanged, drawn, and quartered for his crimes. Now, Corbett’s ghost is said to appear in full armor, only to crumble into four pieces, forever haunted by his past deeds.

  1. Charleville Castle, Offaly

Deep within the lush greenery of Ireland’s County Offaly stands a castle that evokes awe and fear in equal measure. Charleville Castle, built in 1798, is a true testament to Gothic Revival architecture, with its imposing towers, intricate carvings, and majestic turrets. But beneath its grandeur lies a dark and gruesome history that has given birth to chilling legends and terrifying ghost stories.

Legend has it that Charleville Castle is home to the tormented spirit of Harriet, a young girl who tragically met her end within its ominous halls. Harriet’s haunting presence is said to linger, her restless spirit seeking solace from the untimely fate that befell her. Visitors to the castle have reported encounters with a spectral figure, a girl in a flowing white gown, her mournful cries echoing through the night.


Ireland’s haunted castles offer a captivating blend of history, supernatural intrigue, and spine-chilling tales of horror and despair. From Leap Castle’s Bloody Chapel to the restless spirit of Lady Isabella at Ballygally Castle, these paranormal hotspots are sure to send shivers down your spine. While some castles have been transformed into hotels, others remain abandoned, their eerie pasts etched into their foundations.

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