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10 Top Castle Hotels in Spain to Stay in 2022

Spain is known as one of the most loved travel destinations in Europe. Sitting on the Iberian Peninsula, the country offers plenty of mesmerising islands, beautiful sceneries, and castles. The country has a deep history, which you can learn about while staying in the castle hotels. Yes! You heard it right. Plenty of castle hotels in Spain allow you to stay on their premises and experience the true Spanish culture. It is an exciting chance for culture enthusiasts and history lovers.

Here is a list of top castle hotels in Spain that you must check out in 2022 to make your journey of strolling on the historic routes and making your vacation enriching easier.

List of Top10 Castle Hotels in Spain

1. Parador de Ciudad Rodrigo:

Parador de Ciudad Rodrigo
Parador de Ciudad Rodrigo, by Paradores, is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Location: Ciudad Rodrigo Salamanca, Spain

Parador de Ciudad Rodrigo is a beautiful hotel surrounded by Salamanca’s cultural vigour and the Portuguese villages’ historic charm. It is the ideal relaxing place for someone who loves countryside vibes and peace. From the spectacular views of River Agueda’s valley to delightful interiors filled with periodic details, this 4-star castle hotel in Spain has a lot to offer.

Although it maintains the traditional atmosphere, this castle hotel ensures world-class amenities. In short, it is a perfect mix of traditional and contemporary vibes. The best part is that it is pet-friendly and allows you to enjoy your vacation with your furry friends.

2. Parador de Benavente:

Parador de Benavente
Parador de Benavente, by Paradores, is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Location: Benavente, Spain

Parador de Benavente is one of the best castle hotels in Spain that will take you back to the 12th century. It is a 4-star hotel with a beautiful outdoor pool and a restaurant serving traditional dishes. This beautiful castle hotel is surrounded by beautiful gardens.

The hotel rooms have beautiful interiors featuring tapestries and a beautiful ceiling mixed with modern amenities. You will admire the unique design of each part of this castle hotel. You can easily reach here from the famous Santa Maria de Azogue Church via a 10-minute stroll.

3. Parador de Ávila:

Parador de Avila
Parador de Avila, by Paradores, is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Location: Ávila, Spain

Parador de Ávila is another castle hotel you can choose for your stay in Spain. It is a 16th-century palace located in the historical place of Avila. It is beautifully restored and has private gardens.

The rooms of this Spanish castle hotel feature attractive tiling on the granite floor, elegant décor, and high ceilings. You can relax in the inner courtyard and enjoy the traditional cuisines of Avila. It will make your stay a true royal retreat.

Don’t forget to explore Avila Cathedral during your stay. It is only 0.3 miles away and a must-explore place.

4. Posada Real Castillo del Buen Amor:

Location: Villanueva de Cañedo, Spain

Posada Real Castillo del Buen Amor is one of the best restored Spanish castle hotels. It is located in the Castilian countryside and has the most 15th-century essence. From an old slate fireplace, Gothic-Renaissance Cloister, to a Coffered ceiling, this castle hotel has retained many features from past centuries.

All rooms in this castle hotel have a blend of modern comfort and classic interiors. Each part of this hotel is equally appealing and offers views of meadows. We suggest you visit here during summers to enjoy the seasonal outdoor pool and sun lounges. If you visit the hotel during winter, you can spend time in a cosy pub & castle library.

5. Castillo de Arteaga:

Castillo de Arteaga
Castillo de Arteaga, by Zarateman, is licensed under CC0 1.0

Location: Arteaga, Spain

If you like Gothic architecture, the Castillo de Arteaga castle hotel is a perfect place for you. It is a Neo-Gothic castle hotel located in the hills of Basque Country. This castle hotel dates back to the 13th century and was renovated in the 19th century.

All rooms in the castle hotel have elegant interiors and host modern amenities. Overall, it’s an approved Chateau and Relais rural retreat. You can go on a hiking excursion during your free time and discover the countryside.

6. Parador de Alcañiz:

Parador de Alcañiz
Parador de Alcañiz, by Paradores, is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Location: Alcañiz, Spain

Parador de Alcañiz is another castle hotel in Spain that is a majestic retreat. It is a 4-star hotel located on the hill. Originally a castle, now converted into a beautiful castle hotel, it is well-preserved and boosts the historical architecture.

The castle has lovely rooms, picturesque gardens and an on-site restaurant. All rooms have their unique design. You will get all the top-notch amenities in this castle hotel and expereicne royalty.

You can explore the lakeside excursion at La Estanca, located 1.9 miles away from the hotel.

7. Parador de Cardona:

Parador de Cardona
Parador de Cardona, by Paradores, is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Location: Cardona, Spain

Parador de Cardona has its name on the peaceful Spanish Castle Hotels list. It is a well-restored stone castle originally built in the 9th century. It has true medieval fashion, stone walls, and high arched ceilings.

You can enjoy your day here by exploring beautiful courtyards, having breakfast in the sun, getting the royal dining experience in the medieval dining room, relaxing in the sauna, and ending your day with stargazing.

The castle hotel is the best place for a memorable break. It is indulged in the medieval-style architecture. You can stay in this castle hotel with your furry friend as it is pet friendly.

8. Parador De Hondarribia:

Parador de Hondarribia
Parador de Hondarribia, by Paradores, is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Location: Hondarribia, Spain

If you are looking for a castle hotel in Spain that can make your stay memorable, stay in Parador De Hondarribia. It is a 4-star 10th-century castle hotel overlooking Bidasoa Estuary. It is decorated with historical elements, including cannons, armour, spears, and more from the past.

Every room of this castle hotel has cosy and modern vibes. You can explore the neighbouring beaches and enjoy boat rides during your free time.

9. Castillo Hotel Son Vida:

Location: Mallorca, Spain

If you are especially looking for a kid-free vacation, you can stay at the Castillo Hotel Son Vida. It is the Only-Adult castle hotel in Mallorca. It has 13th-century vibes.

All rooms in this castle hotel have a mix of beach and medieval themes. You can wear your bathrobe, grab a drink from the minibar, watch the TV or enjoy the view from the balcony.

The lounge next to the large outdoor pool will add more spark to your stay. You can book the spa treatment for yourself. There are two on-site restaurants that offer international and Spanish cuisine. In short, it has everything you need to make your trip relaxing.

10. Hotel Castillo de Monda:

Location: Monda, Spain

You can book your stay at one of the best three-star castle hotels in Spain, i.e. Hotel Castillo de Monda. It is located only 19.3 miles away from the Malay Airport and offers luxuriousness. This castle hotel hosts only 70 guests at a time to ensure everyone gets the best vacation experience and attentive services.

Every room in this castle hotel is well-furnished and equipped. No matter what room you choose, you will get the royal treatment. You can soak up the sun on the terrace during your free time or relish the tea while enjoying the mountain views. You can also dip in the outdoor pool and enjoy your food in the on-site restaurant.

A Memorable Stay in the Castle Hotel of Spain

Castle Hotels in Spain offer much more than just accommodations; they allow you to explore Spain’s history with modern comfort. Plan your stay to experience a glimpse of hundreds of years of the ancient towns, countryside, and even near the beach of Spain.

We hope you liked our selection of the best castle hotels in Spain to visit in 2022. They will contribute a lot to making your trip memorable.

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