Medieval Old School Games for the Lovers of History

10 Amazing Medieval Old School Games for the Lovers of History

Period gaming has captured the heart of fans beyond the test of time. These titles have a lot to offer to lovers of history. Are you among those crazy gamers who relish the enchanting world of fantasy games? If yes, there’s a never-ending list to pick your best entertainer.
Coming to the genre variation, you will have a tough time choosing one. Be it fantasy, adventure, suspense, or thrill, there’s nothing amiss. The following article discusses some of the most preferred picks from old-school history games. Feel free to look through and select your favourite!

10 Immersive Old-School Games that History Lovers Will Enjoy

Old-school games are the perfect way of reliving your childhood nostalgia. Want to take a ride back to medieval history? A fantasy gaming title is all you need. Let us have a look at some of the most sought-after entries in the category in what follows next:

1. Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Developed by Warhorse Studios, this is a marvellous history title that follows a 15th-century setting. You can enjoy the game on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC. The title is launched in the role-playing genre and has the best recreation of the medieval era.

You will love the game’s immersive storyline, remarkable swordplay mechanics, and solid voice acting. Historical experts have assisted the developers in building an authentic edition of medieval gameplay.

Adding to the player’s delight, makers are aiming for the creation of an Xbox X/S and PlayStation 5-compatible edition. This would be a wonderful gift from history to the modern-day gaming fraternity.

2. A Plague Tale: Innocence

A Plague Tale: Innocence was introduced to the gaming industry by Asobo Studio. You can relish this action-adventure title on your PC, Switch, Luna, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One. The game’s PS4 and PS5-compatible editions are also available.

The story followed a French setting in the 14th century. The English have invaded Aquitaine, the native land of Amica de Rune, the protagonist in The Hundred Years War. The invaders are on a search for Hugo, who happens to be Amica’s brother.

The brother-sister duo somehow manages to escape the war. You are tasked to lead their journey post the escape from the hordes of rats and the English soldiers. The quest takes you to a beautiful medieval world in a grim setting.

3. Broken Sword: Shadow Of The Templars

This is a point-and-click adventure title in the list of top-rated medieval history games. The gameplay welcomes you with a fantastic story, a believable setting, and amazing characterization. The title was created by Revolution Software which entered the industry in 1996.

You can play this game on DS, GBA, PlayStation 1, and Wii consoles. The title also has PC, iOS, Android, and macOS compatibility. The storyline follows a contemporary setting without historical depictions. You can, however, get a wealth of information about the amazing era of Knights Templars.

You also get a chance to visit the mesmerizing places of interest and historical landmarks of the European continent. The quest follows Nico and George, the main leads, in their journey to solve a murder related to the secret Templar society.

4. Assassin’s Creed

Assassin’s Creed is a historical fiction title belonging to medieval fantasy. The game’s locational diversity takes you through a host of recreated periods. You can enjoy the amazing experience of a parallel world throughout the gaming quest.

Set in the Holy Land, the storyline depicts the Third Crusade of 1191. The game draws its visual inspiration from the Kingdom of Heaven, the medieval epic crafted by Ridley Scott. The historical city depictions and amazing combat style are the star attractions of this classic entertainer.

5. The First Templar

Developed by Haemimont Games, the aforesaid is an action-role-playing game for the Xbox 360 console. You can also enjoy the quest on your PC. The first impression of this title reminds you of the hack-and-slash Diablo entry with a low budget.

There’s however, a lot more to see through. The combat mechanics have a surprising depth to keep you captivated. It takes enough skill and timing to excel in the rhythmic-based combat system. The combat progression reminds you of Batman: Arkham series.

The finishing moves and stealth mechanics are satisfying and brutal at the same time. You will love the engaging narrative and in-depth characterization. The game has single and co-player modes for immersive entertainment.

6. Mount and Blade: Warband

This is a medieval sandbox role-playing title that you can relish on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles. Released in 2010, Mount and Blade: Warband can also be enjoyed on PC, Android, MacOS, and Linux devices. The gameplay empowers your imagination to the core.

The gameplay throws you at the deep end with a Warband. While most of us may feel lost, the game is worth your time. The quest grants you the liberty to take the form of your choice, from a king to a Mercedes for hire. This is among the most ambitious entries in medieval history titles.

7. Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia

Fans of medieval history have always admired the Total War franchise for its wholesome gaming experience. The series bags the credit for launching the most authentic entries in historical gaming, right from the Napoleonic Wars to the Roman era.

Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia is a strategy title that depicts the British Isles of 1878 AD. The story follows the time post the defeat of the Vikings by Alfred the Great. You can drop into the role of different factions to take part in empire-building, diplomacy, and real-time combats.

8. Grand Ages: Medieval

Created by Gaming Minds Studio, this is a city-building strategy title for PC and the PS4 console. You can start the game with the construction of a small town to extend your rule. The storyline allows you to build your empire in the Middle East, Europe, North America, and many other locations.

The gameplay is centred on empire-building and trade routes with turn-based combat elements. The title gives you remarkable information on the working of the medieval economy. You can bet on the game to enjoy strategy games in a different style.

9. Crusader Kings 2

Crusader Kings 2 is again a strategy title that follows the period between 1066 and 1452. The game has witnessed several updates, expansions, and DLC for taking you to the medieval campaigns of the 700s and 800s.

The gameplay has a depth that is possibly unimaginable for home console entries. The storyline lays equal stress on the elements of economy, alliances, war, and politics. You can play the game for free on your PC, Mac OS X, and Linux.

10. Ancestors Legacy

Ancestors Legacy is a real-time strategy title developed by Destructive Creations. The gameplay mechanics resemble those of the Command & Conquer series. You can enjoy the game on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC. Playing the game, you are required to assume the role of Anglo-Saxons in 1066.

The Viking’s campaign has a 793 setting to symbolize the clan’s first attack on the Lindisfarne Monastery. The second half of the attack is set in 892. You can enjoy this game from the perspectives of Teutons and Slavs across a host of additional campaigns.

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