Château de Pitray

Journey Through Time: The Charm of Château de Pitray

LocationSaint-Seurin-de-Prats, France (Google Map Location)
Open for visitorsYes
Owned byCount and Countess de Boigne
Official WebsiteChateau de Pitray
Room’s availableYes (wedding, events, filming, birthdays)

When you arrive at the stunning vineyards of Saint Emilion, you’ll discover the charming Chateau de Pitray. This ancient castle has a rich history spanning over a thousand years, and it’s been meticulously preserved, keeping its traditions and stories alive. It will transport you to a serene and peaceful era, inviting you to escape from your regular routine and indulge in the delectable wine-tasting experiences available in the surrounding vineyards.

History of Chateau de Pitray

The Castle of Pitray got its name from Pic du Roy, which means the king’s peak. The castle was built on an ancient tumulus called Mothe de Prats, which was located on slightly elevated land compared to the plains. The Puch family initially owned the castle, but it was later acquired by Gabriel de Segur, the seigneur of Pitray. The property was then passed down to his son, Pierre de Segur, and his daughter Henriette, who married Alexandre de Puch. The Puch family continued to own the castle until 1900.

The Architectural Wonders of Chateau de Pitray 

It was General Louis de Simard de Pitray who commissioned the construction of this magnificent castle, which was designed by the renowned architect of Bordeaux, Blaquieres. The chateau, built in the enchanting Victorian Gothic style, is situated in the midst of a vast park replete with majestic oak and cedar trees that are centuries old. As one approaches the castle, the walkways lead to an old courtyard and nestled in the corner of the courtyard is the charming chapel, adding to the castle’s allure and grandeur. The mature woods surrounding the castle are precisely the same as those that the architect had envisioned at the time of the castle’s construction. 

Chateau de Pitray Interesting Facts 

Wines of Chateau de Pitray: Visit Château de Pitray and experience a tour of the castle’s grounds, a lesson on their winemaking process, and a chance to sample their renowned wines in the picturesque surroundings. With 40 hectares of land dedicated to its vineyards, Château de Pitray specializes in red wine production using traditional grape varieties, including Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc.


Who owns the Chateau de Pitray today?

The Castle of Pitray is owned by the Count and Countess de Boigne. They are the dedicated custodians of the castle, working to preserve the heritage of the monument and their family traditions.

Where is the Chateau de Pitray ?

The Castle of Pitray is owned by the Count and Countess de Boigne. They are the dedicated custodians of the castle, working to preserve the monument’s heritage and their family traditions.

Who built the Chateau de Pitray ?

It was constructed by the family of Comte Henry de Boigne in the 16th century. The exact date of its construction has yet to be widely documented, but it is believed to have been built sometime during the Renaissance period. Over the centuries, the castle has undergone modifications and expansions, reflecting various architectural styles. It is believed that the castle’s construction and developments were carried out by the architect of Bordeaux – Blaquieres.

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