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Tulloch Castle Ghost

Tulloch Castle Ghost is infamous for its many appearances that startle the guests to no end. The castle has almost 900 years of rich history and hides many secrets that scare and amaze the people. It has become a huge selling point for the castle hotel. The castle welcomes travellers from across the country into its luxurious hotel adorned with period surroundings and paranormal activity.

Tulloch Castle Ghost Tour

Tulloch Castle Ghost tour
Tulloch Castle”, by Richard Dorrell, is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Guests at Tulloch Castle are provided with the opportunity to attend a Tulloch Castle Ghost Tour conducted by David, who enthusiastically recounts spine-tingling ghost stories. The ghost tour includes a visit to the 250-year-old Great Hall, where a painting portrays one of the wives and children of Duncan Davidson, the 4th Laird of Tulloch. David shared how Elizabeth (daughter of Duncan), The Green Lady’s eyes had the uncanny knack of appearing to be following you around the Great Hall. Many guests have felt goosebumps from her haunted look. She has reportedly appeared in front of the guests on many occasions. A former night manager once revealed that he felt a presence behind him while on duty. The tour includes the former dungeon, now a private dining room with a round table.

Tulloch Castle Ghost Stories

The story that revolves around the castle involves not one but many ghosts that haunt the castle’s corridors. One of them is ‘The Green Lady.’ Her father, Duncan Davidson, purchased the castle in 1762. However, one day he was accidentally found in a rather compromising position with a maid by his shocked teenage daughter, Lady Elizabeth Davidson, in what is now called Room-10. Elizabeth became utterly panic-stricken and fled. Before she could reach her room, now known as Room-15, she tragically fell and broke her neck and died instantly. Elizabeth or ‘The Green Lady’ now haunts the castle and has been seen by many guests.

A guest staying in Room-8 once claimed that he could not breathe at night and felt like someone was choking him. The room felt ice-cold to him, and he saw the ghosts of two girls sitting on his chest and suffocating him. Guests have often complained about noises of the rattling of doors and other unexplained sounds coming at night.

Tulloch Castle is believed to have many castle ghosts. However, the most-sighted and talked about spirit is ‘The Green Lady.’ Her spirit has been sighted so frequently that the bar in the castle is named the Green Lady Bar. The portrait of ‘The Green Lady,’ Elizabeth Davidson, adorns the Great Hall.

The other most notable spirit is that of a maid who has often been seen in the Great Hall and the Pink Room. She frantically paces as if deeply troubled. Theories suggest that this could be the same woman who was caught having a dalliance with the master of the house. Guests have repeatedly reported ice-cold chills throughout the castle. Balls of light and loud crashing bangs accompanied by sudden and distinct temperature drops have also been witnessed in many castle areas.

The Green Lady is one among the few ghosts that have been captured on film, prompting numerous investigations into the castle. Several paranormal teams have investigated the castle and found some fascinating results. Blinking of light, orbs, and icy cold patches of the air have been seen and heard constant noises, clicks, bangs, and thuds recorded on film without explanation. Does this spark your curiosity about ghosts? Would you dare to visit and see Tulloch Castle Ghost for yourself?

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