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Student Travel Tips: 7 Cheap Ways to Go

Students enjoy travelling a lot. It always feels good to go on a trip following a tough academic year. While the pandemic put brakes on international travel, students are now travelling a lot again. But this does not mean you should break the bank to fulfil your dreams. We have come up with some great tips on how to make your journey cost-effective. Take a look, follow our recommendations, and enjoy your travel!

Book Flights Ahead of Time

Avoid last-minute bookings; they can ruin your budget. Instead, plan ahead. Look for great deals and plan ahead. If you book your flight well in advance, chances are that you will get a great price. 

Keep checking airline websites well ahead of your planned trip. Check out deals, and don’t think twice if you see a really good one coming up. If you have no time to monitor profitable offers because of being overwhelmed with your student papers, feel free to contact Grab My Essay. These experts take care of your assignments while you’re enjoying your trip.

Walk and Bike

Depending on where you travel, you can walk or bike instead of using public transport. In many cities, municipalities provide bikes at really low prices. This means you must be fit as a fiddle, so you get the double benefit — you save on your local travel, and you help yourself stay in shape.

You should not have a problem walking in the downtown area. Most places must be reachable without taking public transport. 

Stay in Hostels

Try not to use hotels. They are usually expensive and unaffordable for someone travelling on a budget. Hostels are always a cheaper option. Many cities now have hostels that can easily compete with the hotel industry for cleanliness and comfort. 

The added value is that you will get to know people and make new friends and connections. Maybe, you will make friends with someone you will one day decide to visit.

Use Student Discounts

There are all sorts of student discounts in all major cities. Find out everything there is to know about them before your trip. Total savings can be really impressive.

Don’t forget to have your student ID on you. Some places give you discounts when you present it on the spot. The range of services that offer student discounts is impressive, and it may include public transport, local services, and even restaurants.

Travel With a Friend to Share Costs

Travelling solo might be your preferred option, but it can be expensive. Try to find a kindred spirit with whom you will share and enjoy your trip. In addition to being more fun, you can share many costs. Whether it be accommodation, meals, or transportation, many costs can be shared between the two of you.

If you cannot afford to travel because of a busy schedule, make sure you get professional help to ease your burden. Make sure you go through detailed and objective reviews of the top essay writing services to identify a reliable and trustworthy online writing service. Let professional writers take care of your assignments by completing them on time, at reasonable rates, and to the top academic standards.

Eat Where Locals Eat

Avoid eating at touristy places. Food is always expensive and not necessarily tasty there. Try to talk to locals about where they take their meals. It is always a good idea to eat where locals eat. 

You will make considerable savings, and you are more likely to have tastier meals there. The same goes for shopping. In general, avoid places specifically designed to target tourists.

Some Things Are Actually Free

This is hard to believe, but some things are actually free, and you should take full advantage of free services. For instance, most cities now have free guided tours. They are a great alternative to official tourist guides, which are usually quite expensive. Free tours are run by local students who do not charge anything but welcome tips. 

Even if you pay them a tip, you’d still make a lot of savings. In some cities, access to local museums can be free, so you should take full advantage of such opportunities.


Students are one of the most avid travellers. They enjoy their trips on the back of stress-ridden academic semesters. There are ways to make sure that their travel is not expensive. Make sure you read and follow our recommendations to make it both fun and cheap to travel. You can turn these practices into your routine habits so that you practice them every time you travel. Total savings will be significant.


Mark Wooten is a popular blogger and former travel agent. Throughout his career, he has worked with thousands of college students, helping facilitate their travel. Mark’s blogs have lots of followers who appreciate his square and fair reviews, useful tips, and sharp observations. College students particularly appreciate his practical and easy-to-follow recommendations.

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