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Ruthin Castle Ghost

Ruthin Castle is not just famous for its history but also for its paranormal activities. Also, many castle stories are related to executions, tortures, murders, and suicides. It is believed that all of these mysterious activities taken back in the castle have left their mark on it. As a result, people are constantly reporting about noticing Ruthin Castle Ghost. Now, the castle is known to be one of the most haunted locations in Wales.

The Pillory At Ruthin Castle - North Wales.
The Pillory At Ruthin Castle”, by Jim Linwood, is licensed under CC BY 2.0

This castle has been part of the reality show Most Haunted, where the brave ghost hunters explore the ghost and paranormal activities happening in North Wales. Surprisingly, they encountered some horrifying activities during the Ruthin castle ghost hunt. Even their team member was found fainted in the cellar of Ruthin castle, which was once used as a mortuary area.

Ruthin Castle Ghost Hunt

Do you want some thrill on your UK trip? If yes, you must be a part of Ruthin Castle ghost hunt events. The Ruthin Castle organises ghost hunt events regularly, which operates both day and night. Several locations offer night ghost hunting experiences, but only Ruthin castle lets you explore the complete castle and offers guides.

The Ruthin Castle Ghost Hunt Events includes:

  • Exploring the castle
  • Modern-day ghost hunting
  • Ouija Boards
  • Table Tipping
  • Psychic Séances

Everyone you will meet during the events will have a similar interest in paranormal activities. It will be an excellent chance for you to make friends while indulging in Ruthin Castle Ghost Hunt activities.

Ruthin Castle Ghost Stories

Lady Grey Ghost

Lady Grey is the active and well-known spirit of Ruthin castle. Many visitors have encountered her ghost. Based on the Ruthin Castle history, Lady Grey was the wife of the second in command of the castle. She found out that her husband was having an affair with a local peasant woman. She caught them red-handed and killed her husband’s mistress with an axe in jealousy. She was found guilty and was declared to be in a state of madness immediately. She was later sentenced to death.

However, local clergymen didn’t allow her body to be buried on consecrated grounds. Her body was buried outside the castle walls. Because of not getting a proper funeral, it is believed that her ghost still exists in the castle. Many visitors have reported spotting this Ruthin castle ghost wandering on the grounds and in the abandoned rooms on the upper floor. According to some reports, a dark shadow of a woman was seen walking through the banquet hall with an axe.

The Soldier Ghost

Another Ruthin castle ghost noticed by the people is of a soldier. Reportedly, the ghostly figure of the soldier, dressed up in full armour, was seen wandering on the grounds of the castle. It is thought to be a soldier who once served in King Edward’s army and died while defending the castle. People who witnessed this castle ghost mentioned that he never interacts with anyone and looks like he is not aware of the surroundings.

Room 222 Ghost

Many paranormal activities are reported during Ruthin castle ghost hunts, but none of them has been as haunted as that of grand room 222 of the castle. Visitors have constantly reported experiencing extreme temperature drops around this room. Also, some people heard the sounds of slamming doors and continuous taps around them. Getting constant reports of experiencing similar activities in this room by visitors makes it the most haunted part of Ruthin castle.

The Little Girl Ghost

Another ghost story we heard about Ruthin castle is about a mischievous little girl. Her ghost is encountered at night, running up and down in the halls and on the roof. Also, some people have mentioned hearing knocking on all the doors, believed to be done by her ghost. This ghost runs so fast that no guest has ever been able to see her face. However, they all notice a child’s shadow running speedily around the castle while giggling.

Ruthin Castle’s owners have changed several times since its existence. Even until 1960, it was used as a hospital for people suffering from rare diseases, which made it experience many deaths. Later, it was converted into a hotel. The guests and visitors have been experiencing paranormal activities during their stays and visits ever since it was opened for the public. Also, there are so many ghost stories associated with the castle that it is known as one of the most famous ghost hunting places in Wales, UK. You can also plan your stay at Ruthin Castle and make your holiday experience thrilling. Or you can simply be a part of Ruthin Castle Ghost Hunt events and get the most haunted experience.

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