Medieval Romance Books

Step back in time to a world of knights and maidens, where chivalry and courtly love weave an enchanting web of emotions. These Medieval romance books beckon us to a world of passion and longing, where the glimmer of a knight’s armour and the gentle touch of a lady’s hand ignite a flame that transcends time. From majestic castles overlooking vast landscapes to moonlit gardens where secrets unfold, these tales transport us to a time when love held the power to conquer all obstacles. As we journey through the pages of these captivating stories, we are reminded that true love knows no boundaries, and the heart’s yearning echoes through the ages. Prepare to be swept away by the magic of these Top 8 Medieval Romance Books that will leave you breathless with anticipation and aching with the sweetness of love’s embrace.

Top 8 Medieval Romance Books

Book TitleAuthor
Kiss of the HighlanderKaren Marie Moning
The BrideJulie Garwood
The SecretJulie Garwood
The Princess BrideWilliam Goldman
Uncommon VowsMary Jo Putney
KatherineAnya Seton
Prince’s GambitC.S. Pacat
The ConquerorBrenda Joyce

1. Kiss of the Highlander

Medieval Romance Books

Author: Karen Marie Moning, a talented American writer known for her captivating romance novels.
Key Themes: Time travel, destiny, and the power of love that transcends time.
Synopsis: Enter the world of time-travelling and highland warriors with this gripping tale. When Gwen Cassidy touches an ancient Highland warrior trapped in a cursed stone, she is transported back to 16th-century Scotland. There, she meets Drustan MacKeltar, a handsome and formidable laird. As passion ignites between them, Gwen must decide whether to stay in the past or find a way to bring Drustan to the future without altering history.

2. The Bride

The Bride

Author: Julie Garwood, a renowned American author of romantic fiction.
Key Themes: Love conquers all, cultural clashes, and finding strength in vulnerability.
Synopsis: Set in medieval Scotland, “The Bride” tells the tale of Jamie, the fierce laird of the Kincaid clan, and Lady Brenna, an English beauty with a spirit as untamed as the Highlands. Their lives intertwine when Jamie is forced to marry Brenna in an arrangement that sparks a passionate and tumultuous relationship. As they navigate cultural differences and personal misunderstandings, their hearts slowly begin to unite against all odds.

3. The Secret

The Secret

Author: Julie Garwood 
Key Themes: Trust, honour, and the transformative power of unconditional love.
Synopsis: “The Secret” transports us to the enchanting world of 12th-century England. Princess Judith Hampton travels from her home in England to the Scottish Highlands, seeking refuge from an arranged marriage. There, she encounters Iain Maitland, a Highland laird known for his fierce protectiveness of his people. As their lives entwine, a dangerous secret threatens to tear them apart, challenging their loyalties and the depth of their love.

4. The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride

Author: William Goldman, an American novelist and screenwriter known for his whimsical storytelling.
Key Themes: True love, bravery, and the power of storytelling.
Synopsis: This beloved classic takes readers on a delightful journey through a fairy tale land. Filled with swashbuckling pirates, dashing heroes, and a damsel in distress, the story revolves around the true love between Princess Buttercup and Westley. Their love is put to the test as they encounter fantastical adventures, evil villains, and unexpected twists.

5. Uncommon Vows

Uncommon Vows

Author: Mary Jo Putney, a talented American author famous for her historical and contemporary romances.
Key Themes: Redemption, honour, and finding love in unexpected places.
Synopsis: Set in medieval England, this heartwarming story follows Lady Meriel de Vere, who, after escaping an arranged marriage, seeks refuge in a convent. There, she meets Sir Roderick, a battle-hardened knight seeking redemption. As they embark on a dangerous quest to protect the innocent, their bond deepens, and they discover a love that defies societal norms.

6. Katherine


Author: Anya Seton is a respected American historical fiction writer known for meticulous research.
Key Themes: Forbidden love, perseverance, and the resilience of the human spirit.
Synopsis: Transporting readers to 14th-century England, “Katherine” is a tale inspired by the real-life love story of Katherine Swynford and John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster. As Katherine’s undeniable allure captivates John, their love faces immense obstacles due to their difference in social standing. Their enduring passion and devotion make this historical romance a timeless treasure.

7. Prince’s Gambit

Prince's Gambit

Author:  C.S. Pacat, an Australian author known for her captivating storytelling.
Key Themes: Forbidden love, loyalty, and the complexity of human emotions.
Synopsis:  In this enthralling sequel to “Captive Prince,” the story follows the journey of Damen, a warrior prince, who finds himself in the treacherous court of his kingdom’s enemy, Prince Laurent. As they navigate through political intrigues and betrayals, an unexpected attraction begins to blossom between them. Amidst the backdrop of war and deception, Damen and Laurent’s relationship is tested in a tale of love, sacrifice, and honour.

8. The Conqueror

The Conqueror

Author: Brenda Joyce, a bestselling American author of historical and contemporary romance novels.
 Key Themes: Redemption, forgiveness, and the transformative power of love.
Synopsis: “The Conqueror” follows the tale of Rolfe d’Ambert, a Viking warrior renowned for his fearlessness, and Sira, a beautiful Saxon noblewoman with a secret past. As Rolfe captures Sira to claim her lands, their destinies become entwined in a passionate and tumultuous love story that transcends the boundaries of war and prejudice.


The tales of knights and ladies have always been close to our hearts, and for a good reason. They remind us that love can conquer all, no matter our challenges. In today’s fast-paced world, these stories offer a much-needed escape, transporting us to a realm of courtly elegance and unwavering devotion. As we follow the characters on their adventures and trials, we are struck by the strength of the human spirit and the depth of emotion that can move mountains. These stories teach us that love is not always easy, but it is always worth fighting for. True love is a force that can overcome any obstacle, and that is a lesson we should always carry with us.So let us take a moment to reflect on the power of love, the importance of honour, and the beauty of finding our own knights and maidens in this ever-changing world. May we always seek out stories that transport us to worlds where love reigns supreme and where the magic of romance reminds us that anything is possible.

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